3G GPS Tracker for Business

GPS trackers that are used to manage fleet and other similar purposes should be fast and efficient. Good thing 3G GPS tracker for business is already available. You may be wondering why 3G when there is already what we call the 4G network. The reason is that the two vary depending on the network provider and the kind of mobile phone you are using.

Besides, you don’t need a 4G connectivity when your phone doesn’t support it or when you’re in an area where there is no 4G network coverage. You will only need this ultra-fast connection if you are into music and video streaming. For basic apps like GPS, e-mail, or social networking, 3G connectivity is more than enough for you.

2G vs 3G GPS Tracker

But if you’re still using a 2G connectivity for your GPS tracking needs, you’re an old school. It’s highly recommended that you upgrade your device. It’s time to start using 3G GPS tracker for business for smooth-flowing operations. For one thing, 2G connectivity can only give you less than 50,000 bits per second of data transmission, but while with 3G network, you can have a speed of over 4 million bits per second. For your fleet business, you can’t afford to lose millions of data per second! Speed is essential when it comes to fleet tracking.

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3G GPS Tracker for Business

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Importance of 3G GPS Tracker for Business

Choosing the best GPS tracker is crucial to fleet tracking particularly in business productivity and asset security. Geo-fencing alerts, for instance, need fast data transmission to be effective. When your vehicle is moved from its parking position without your consent, the GPS tracker is supposed to send an alert that instant. But if you’re using a slow and unstable connection like 2G network which takes forever to transfer data to be able to send the alert, this particular GPS feature will become useless. By the time you receive the alert, your vehicle is already far away. In short, you will only enjoy the benefits of geo-fencing alerts if you have a faster connectivity like 3G GPS tracker.

With 3G GPS tracker, you are sure that you will receive complete data including driver analytics and vehicle maintenance alert in time and will experience less system downtime. Get a 3G GPS tracking device and be on top of your business.



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