2016 Best Drones

Are you planning to buy a drone? Choose one of the 2016 best drones with features that fit your purpose. We have here a list of the latest and 2016 best drones and quadcopters. However, since most of these models are upgraded version of its predecessors, it means these are not for amateurs.

Note: quads that are suitable for beginners are marked with *.

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Best Drones

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Brands like 3D Robotics, OnagoFly, and Walkera, as well as nano-sized quadcopters, are not recommended for new users. Same goes with the previous Parrot models and any crowdfunded projects. The issue is reliability.

If you buy a model, it’s advisable to also buy an extra battery and spare parts, like motors, just in case.

2016 Best Drones

Models under $100

Micro-sized—ordinarily as big as your palm, including the propellers

Hubsan X4 H107L

Hubsan X4

Action Gear

  • Upgraded version of the trendy micro-beginners should buy the alternative prop guard.

Dromida Verso

Dromida Verso

Hobby Express

  • Fixed prop guards and reliable
  • Small-sized, about 10 in² and is very light

Syma X5

Syma X5


  • Affordable, reliable, quality materials, and knowledge availability
  • X5c model has a camera

Syma has recently launched the X 11 model, with a size that is between a micro and a mini. It has a good review and it’s recommended for a first or second quadcopter.

WL Toys v636 Skylark

Skylark Drone


  • A latest and more advanced “toy grade” mini

WL Toys v959 (new)

WL Toys v959


  •  A standard quadcopter upgraded with superior stabilization system with a built-in camera for taking video and photos. New users can get rid of the camera once they master flying the V959.

Dromida Ominus

Dromida Ominus

Skilled Flyer

  • Another great toy grade quadcopter! This is a bit similar to the WL Toys v636—but better.

This is just the first part. Don’t forget to read the second part of 2016 Best Quadcopters.



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