Elderly Woman Awoke to Find Husband of 20 Years Missing

Joan was living the perfect life in a rural part of Tasmania with her “soulmate.” One day, she awoke to find only an empty space next to her, and no sign of her husband, Thomas. Panic started to set in, and suddenly, her life wasn’t perfect any longer due of her missing husband.

Elderly Woman Awakens to A Missing Husband

Eight years previously, at the age of 73, Thomas was diagnosed with vascular dementia. The couple had lived together and been married for over two decades. They loved each other’s company in their quiet home. They would go to parties and make weekly trips to buy groceries. The couple loved their small community. It was after the diagnosis of Thomas that Joan really grew to appreciate the benefits of living in a close community. It could provide a safe haven for Thomas.

When Joan woke to find Thomas missing, it was just one issue that raised her concerns. He had woken up early that morning, walked outside, and walked down the road toward the town center. He grabbed a ride with someone on his way to town and went to a small cafe. The workers at the cafe knew Thomas because of his weekly trips into town with Joan. When they saw that he was alone and disoriented, they called Joan to tell her that her husband was in their cafe. It was a big relief to Joan who had spent three hours looking for her husband in and around her house and the surrounding areas.

This could have had a different ending if they had lived in a bigger town where no one knew their neighbors. Thanks to a close-knit community and the understanding and vigilance of the community, Thomas was safe. Joan was also relieved and thankful to know that others were also looking out for her husband.

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