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Ordinarily, pets are cute, cuddly creatures that make great additions on your couch. However, if your furball is an escape artist who likes traveling cross-country, you may want to consider using GPS pet monitoring system to keep a closer eye on him. This is the same technology that enables rangers to follow tagged animals, and it can now be used by a domestic animal owner to keep track of his stray or lost pets.

However, before you rush out to buy your own pet tracking device, you will have to consider a few things. First, in addition to the GPS receiver, note that a transmitter is required for the animal location to be reported. This means that you will need a service provider to keep up with your tracking needs.

Using GPS Pet Monitoring System

Some GPS monitoring tools are also used together with GSM networks, the same used for mobile communication as well as a SIM card for tracking. Take note that the SIM card provider usually has to have service in the area where you will be using the device or else it will not work at all.

There are different ways of accessing information via GPS, some of which include connection to home phones, Internet, and even via a software installed in the computer. Phone access is not usually recommended and installed software usually limits your access to information. Internet access via GPS data is usually recommended, as you only have to log on and check your pet’s location via your smart device.

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Domesticated Animals

Using GPS pet monitoring system allows you to define your pet’s boundaries via the geo-fencing feature. If your pet goes beyond the preset area, an alarm will sound off, which will direct you to his location quickly. If you are traveling with your pet beyond boundaries, you can also choose to disable the alarm or set up new boundaries for vacations. Most systems allow for more than one safe zone.

GPS units now vary in their sophistication. You may opt for one that gives only the location, or you can purchase a tracking device that can give you more information such as directions and reference points, among others. As in any product, the amount you spend for GPS tracking defines the abilities of your system, for instance, if your pet is a water lover, make sure that you buy a waterproof or water-resistant unit.

Monitoring your pet with dog tracker collars is different from using GPS pet monitoring system in many ways. The former is usually limited in range to about half a mile and is ineffective in case your pet has been stolen or is removed from the area. A GPS unit that is not worn, on the other hand, is rendered useless. If you invest in one, make sure that your pet wears his unit at all times. Animal snatchers tend to remove collars with trackers on them, but a surprising number tend to skip doing so. With the help of GPS technology, microchipping, and registration, pet tracking will go a long way insofar as ensuring that your lost pet can be located.



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