Traveling is also the source of inspiration and new powers for the working process and just living people’s everyday life. In many cases, a new experience that people have during their travel trips changes them as personalities and forms specific traits of character. What is more important is that traveling even heals those who need to “reset” and start life from a new page.

Concerning student trips, traveling allows young people to find out something new about new places, people, their traditions, and culture. Traveling broadens the outlook of a developing mind that makes room for new ideas and thoughts. Besides, student ages are the best time for feeling life fully enjoying new acquaintances and destinations.

However, traveling can be different depending on the place a person chooses to visit. In this way, Europe is a great option for those who would like to combine ancient architecture and modern activities, beautiful landscapes and colorful rock festivals, sandy beaches, and high mountains. Having the opportunity to choose a location according to their desires and financial abilities, students all over the world prefer European countries for their holidays and short trips. Thus, our travel admirers from WritingCheap gathered the list of the best travel locations in Europe for students.

Travel Locations in Europe for Students

Barcelona, Spain

best travel locations in europe for students

Council on International Educational Exchange

First of all, following affordable prices and the great varieties of sightseeing, students tend to choose Barcelona, Spain, for their holidays. Barcelona, one of the most beautiful and visited cities in Spain, attracts thousands of students as tourists due to its Catalan Gothic architecture, sandy beaches, and unique charm. It is unforgettable to see the greatness of Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Cathedral, and millions of buildings that surprise the tourists with its architecture and decorations.

La Rambla, the central boulevard, allows visiting thousands of small shops, gift shops, restaurants, and cafés with delicious food. La Rambla is the place where a person with different financial states can enjoy a great variety of activities from Luis Vuitton shops to the markets. Besides, the range of sandy beaches with freshwater, pretty small bars near the beaches, and great weather all the summer attract tourists all over the world. Millions of night clubs, bars, and restaurants for the lovers of different kinds of rest become the reasons why students even come back to the city. It seems impossible for one location to combine both learning about European culture and relaxing vacation on the beach. Referring to students, Barcelona, as the city of contrasts, can be the best time spending for active young boys and girls according to their budget and desires.

Porto, Portugal

Voe Simples Corporate

Voe Simples Corporate

The second destination is Porto, Portugal, which is famous for a beautiful historical part of the city and also long sandy beaches. Going to Porto, students even do not expect the variety of activities and attractions that the city provides. Tourists usually enjoy just walking the narrow streets observing the way the houses and different buildings are decorated in Portugal. The famous bridge named Luís I Bridge allows a great view of the city with red roofs. Besides, following low prices, students can sit near the river and enjoy traditional Portuguese food prepared according to the old recipes by chefs. What is more important, Porto becomes the destination number one for those who enjoy activities and sports that the ocean and comparatively great waves allow.

In Porto, students can try windsurfing and surfing regardless if they are beginners or professionals. The great varieties of choices referring to the individual or group lessons and experienced instructors make Porto ideal place for water sports. To add more, a lot of students choose Porto as the destination for going to the nearest interesting points in the country. For example, millions of tourists every year visit Cabo da Roca that fascinates with its cliffs and sharp waves. Such places usually influence students to live to the fullest and try to experience as much as possible.

Furthermore, those students who are confident on the board can travel to different surf points in the country to catch big waves or live in surf camps in order to surf every day and make friends all over the world who are interested in surfing too.


Санатории и курорты Украины

Санатории и курорты Украины

Concerning cheap variants for spending vacations, it is also important to admit Ukraine as an unexplored but beautiful European country. Referring to the long history of the country, there are a lot of historical places connected with wars and famous battles. Ukraine is the country that develops very fast, providing a lot of opportunities for its tourists, referring to attractions and different activities. The climate in Ukraine can be defined as perfect, including hot summers and cold winters. In this way, the students can both visit dozens of beautiful lakes on the West and observe mountain views in the Carpathians.

Kyiv, as the capital of Ukraine, is considered to be a business center that provides the opportunity to visit different cafes and restaurants, shops, and boutiques. Lviv as a historical part of the country is the mix of Polish, Austrian, and Hungarian motives referring to its architecture and decorations. Moreover, the tour in Ukraine can have gastronomic directions following extremely delicious dishes in the country. From the traditional ethnic dishes to the modern European ones, Ukraine provides it for low prices that make it possible to stay in the country for a long time. In this way, even students can spend a day in the capital for just 35 euros enjoying all the beauty of the city. Both transport and accommodation are famous for low prices for the foreigners, allowing people of different financial states to enjoy their vacation in Ukraine.


Another one of the top travel locations in Europe for students is Poland, the neighbor of Ukraine, which allows excellent opportunities for its visitors. Warsaw, the capital of Poland, is a clean European city that surprises the visitors with its order and specific atmosphere. Combining huge shopping malls and historical places, Warsaw is chosen by thousands of tourists in order to spend their vacations. Besides, the people in Poland are maximally friendly and helpful, making staying in the country an unforgettable experience.

Poland also offers the entrance to the Baltic sea, which provides the tourists with beautiful landscapes. Although the sea is defined as a very cold one, it creates a special charm of Baltic atmosphere. The most visited countries in Poland are the capital Warsaw, Krakow, and Poznan, which are all historical centers of the country. In this way, choosing Poland, students can have the opportunity to touch the pages of the history of Europe from ancient times to the period of wars and, finally, modern days. All the events are marked through architecture, decorations, monuments, and dozens of museums, which allow plunging into the world of history.

What is more important is that the students are content with affordable prices for accommodation, transport, food, and different attractions. Spending just 40–50 dollars, young boys and girls enjoy qualitative food, interesting museums, comfortable hotels, and easy transport system.

So traveling is an essential part of people’s development as it includes a unique experience of learning about foreign cultures and traditions. It is true to say that students often cannot allow different trips referring to college budgets, but there are particular European destinations that make it possible to try everything for low prices.

Barcelona, the city in Spain, provides the tourists with the great opportunity to observe unique Catalan Gothic style following architecture and different museums in combination with various shops, restaurants, and beaches. Portugal becomes the point for enjoying water activities and beautiful views implemented in the narrow streets and unique red roofs. Ukraine as an unexplored but very interesting country also stands for the best place for students referring its historical past and gastronomic paradise. Both the capital and other Ukrainian cities are the cultural centers that offer to look at the most important events in the history of Europe. And finally, Poland allows enjoying the traditional European way of life visiting different museums, monuments, and other historical places for low prices.



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