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Most spy text apps would require a one-time payment prior to you being able to use its full features. For Android devices, you need to install a tiny app on the device itself. This means that you need access to […]


Can You Install a Tracker on Your Mac?

It’s not a secret that Mac Books are very expensive hardware and are some of the most coveted items on the consumer market. There are many horrific stories that illustrate the details of how thieves can so easily run away with […]


How to Update Avast Virus Offline?

Avast is a compilation of esteemed, top-notch technologies that work in faultless synergy, having one common goal: to get rid of stubborn viruses and malware from your computer, and also, to protect your computer system and all your valuable data […]


GPS-Outfitted Seagulls Lead to Startling Discovery...

One of the biggest issues faced by the world is the mounting waste problem. Not only does it pose hazard for public health safety, it also pollutes the environment and engulfs third-world nations in toxic waste. According to statistics, more […]


Two LA Drone Operators Face Possible Imprisonment

Two drone operators face imprisonment in Los Angeles with criminal counts under the new city regulation that restricts drone operation. Michael Ponce and Arvel Chappell, 20 and 35 respectively, were flying their drones near both the airport and the hospital heliport […]