Prevent Employee Moonlighting

As the prices of basic commodities and cost of living continue to soar high while income stays the same, you can’t blame your employees for taking up additional job to support their family. There is nothing wrong with it as long as it does not affect their regular job. But if they start showing up late or tired for work, their performance will be affected—and that’s a different story. In that case, you’d want to find ways to prevent employee moonlighting.

Employee Moonlighting Effect on Your Business

When field employees are moonlighting, there is a high probability that your company vehicle is being used for their second job. If that happens, you will end up paying for the extra fuel cost, excess vehicle wear and tear. You will also lose profits due to a decline in productivity every time your employee comes late or is behind schedule. It is for these reasons that most employers are against and prevent employee moonlighting.

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One way to prevent employee moonlighting is by tracking employees legally through GPS tracking.

How GPS Fleet Tracking Can Prevent Employee Moonlighting

While employee moonlighting is not illegal, as a businessman, you also need to protect company assets and your business. By installing a GPS tracking system on your fleet, not only will you be able to solve your problem, but you will also save business money. The device can detect location and unauthorized vehicle usage of vehicles. Below are some important features you can find in GPS trackers.

GPS Alerts

When set properly, the GPS system can send real-time alert notification through text or e-mail. For example, you can set the device to tip you off when your vehicle is used outside a job site or regular working schedule.


The device can log all vehicle activities including the places it visited, the distance traveled, and the duration of each travel. Using the available data, you can deduce whether your employee is having a side job at the company’s expense or not. This is ideal for fleet managers who are too busy to sit down and monitor their fleet in real time.

With GPS monitoring, you will be able to track your vehicle’s location at all times. This will prevent employee moonlighting, vehicle theft, and unnecessary expenses on fuel and maintenance cost. Overall, having a GPS system to monitor your fleet and your employee it will be beneficial to your business.



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