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If people want to track someone using a GPS tracking system, for sure, they would want to do it secretly. Be it a company driver, a teen, or elderly driver being monitored for their driving habits, they wouldn’t want those people to know—that’s why the placement of the tracking device matters. A perfect GPS hiding spot would make the job easy. The requirement needed when looking for a GPS unit hiding spot is it should be hidden in a place where it can’t easily be seen by the target person but can still pick up a signal from the satellite in space.

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The Perfect GPS Hiding Spot: Why the Pro Works for Covert Placement

Many live GPS trackers need to be hardwired to the vehicle’s electrical system to be able to have access to the automobile’s battery. This is one way to secure the GPS device permanently without worrying about the unit running out of power supply and the driver not being aware of the tracker’s existence.

But some people don’t have the means to buy this expensive unit, not to mention the installation fee. That’s why many users prefer passive trackers like Trackimo because it’s more cost-effective and doesn’t need to be connected to the vehicle’s system to work. It can be attached to a vehicle with the use of a magnetic mount.

The advantage of GPS devices like Trackimo is that its case exterior portion uses unique earth magnets so they can be strongly and securely attached to the metal frame of the vehicle. It doesn’t fall off even in the toughest off-road travel. However, just affixing the unit to the underside of a vehicle won’t let it start doing its job of transmitting data. Its antenna needs to have clear access to the sky to be able to capture GPS signals.

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The perfect GPS hiding spot for tracking devices is the outside frame of the car which is accessible yet not easily seen by the driver. Though this location exposes the unit to elements that can affect its functions, Trackimo devices are designed to withstand the toughest dirt. Its casing is water resistant, rugged, and has highly sensitive antennas, making it an excellent choice for those who are looking for a compact and quality GPS that can easily be hidden.

So for those who are asking if a GPS device will still work if placed outside of a vehicle, here’s the answer!



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