Privacy Using GPS Tracking Devices

As we become comfortable with technology, it become a part of us. We started trusting and storing personal information on our devices which is connected to the internet. While Facebook and other social media outlets allow us to share information about us in return others are also able to take a glimpse of our lives. There is now a thin line between private and public life. GPS tracking device is also a product of technological advancement. The device’s function is to receive transmitted signals from the Global Positioning System satellites which enable it to identify the specific location of the tracking tool and the user.

About Privacy Using GPS Tracking Devices

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Tracking Employees

These days, companies can now monitor their employees with the use of 3G GPS trackers. They just download a tracking application on to the employees’ smartphones which can be carried anywhere. The travel routes, the amount of time and the distance to get to another destination –  all these information are recorded by the tracking device and can be generated into a report to verify details. Employers can use the information to keep track of their employee’s activity as well as to evaluate their performance and productivity.

A lot of schools are against the use of GPS on their staff. They believe it takes away their freedom to work autonomously. Employees feel that GPS trackers are threat to their privacy. In offices, CCTV cameras and the managers are constantly observing them. There may not have CCTVs when they are out in the field but it is replaced by GPS trackers.

Parents also use trackers to keep an eye on their kids to ensure their safety while they are away from home travelling to school and back. Some children don’t like their parents monitoring their every move and feel that it is invasion to their privacy. But for parents, it give them a piece of mind knowing their child is carrying GPS tracking unit because it allows them to monitor their kids from afar. Even if the kids won’t call their parents to inform where they are, GPS can do it for them. You only have to miscall them to know their exact location.

Privacy and Safety

iGPS Watch

As with other technological devices, using GPS tracking device also has advantages and disadvantages. Are you willing to give up your privacy a little for security purposes?



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