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  • Fleet Management for Services and Management

    Everything you need in a car GPS tracker, Trackimo can provide.

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    Fleet Tracking

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    What Trackimo Can Provide

    Real-Time Reporting

    At a glance, you can check the location of every vehicle in your fleet. A map provides the current location, status, speed, and direction each vehicle is heading, and Trackimo’s car GPS trackers can configure to fit both practical and budgetary needs. These trackers update every two minutes and can go as often as every five seconds, ensuring that you have the power to make sure your vehicles are safe and moving in the right direction for best productivity results.

    Business Reports

    Trackimo’s business reporting gives you the tools necessary in cutting operating costs and increases employee productivity, including validation of overtime requests, confirmation of time sheets, and customer satisfaction improvement. Detailed analysis of field activities provide valuable insight for business owners and can help practice better strategies.

    Mapping Technology

    GPS Tracking

    Trackimo’s 3G GPS tracker uses Google Maps, one of the most accurate and complete maps available today. Plus, you can choose satellite, terrain, hybrid, and traffic map views to help you identify markers easier.

    Routing Map

    Built-in routing capabilities also allow you to direct your mobile workforce to the most efficient and cost-effective routes, ensuring that you can help lost drivers get back to their routes to customer locations.

    History Mapping

    Detailed location history and complete routes for any of your vehicles within a specific time period could also be provided.


    You can also choose to receive notifications when employees contribute to unwanted expenses by speeding, idling, or unauthorized use of company vehicles.



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  • Get GPS Tracking for $5 per month

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