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We all enjoy the wonders of modern technology as it makes our life easier, better, and efficient every day, but at the same time, it has its drawbacks. With the advent of internet connectivity, greater access has helped millions of people reach someone who is literally at the other end of the world, and with every passing minute, we are making advances in technology to improve our convenience. This super-fast connectivity and accessibility have also given rise to a breach of one’s private space. On the one hand, mothers are able to keep track of their children by looking at their location and whereabouts. On another hand, there are people who track other people’s cell phones for malicious purposes. In addition, there is a mobile tracking software used by police, SIM card tracking by cellular companies, and surveillance by the government. There have been reported incidents of people being tracked by unknown spies via tracking software on their cell phones and SIM cards. These spies may have several reasons for tracking you but do not have any right to do so. In recent years, it has become quite challenging for law enforcement agencies and cybercrime to fight against this spyware because they are sly and hard to track back.

So if you ever get this feeling that you are being watched by someone, do not hold back. Get your phone checked by some professionals to check if anyone bugging your private conversations and seek help from the police or run code to check if the phone is tapped, it is just as wise as getting law assignment help on time.

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Being Tracked by Someone

How to Find Out If Someone Tracked Phone

First, you have all the right to be worried that you are being watched. There have been worldwide scandals revealing how not only individuals but governments are tapping private phones all over the world. However, through technology, there are ways to find out if you are being tracked. One surefire way is to run certain codes to check if the phone is tapped so you can finally get your peace of mind back.

There are some ways to ask for help and there are special techniques you can find what’s wrong by yourself. You can dial code to check if the phone is tapped with but will it suffice? It is hard to imagine that this sly spyware can be detected by simple codes just as it is hard to prepare that law assignment without a professional writing help. Tracking this spyware can be as hard as preparing that legal assignment. In order to save yourself from stress and peer pressure, order law assignment help from a writing service like UK.Edubirdie or any credible source so you can concentrate on learning those complex clauses and sub-clauses in law. This not only saves you time, but it will also enable you to help someone decode their phone to see if they were being spied by an anonymous source.  

Here are a few things you should notice on your phone to find out on your own if something is wrong.

Your phone was 100 percent charged, but after a short time and without much usage, the battery drained out. It seems pretty suspicious, doesn’t it? The first instinct is to think that your battery might be getting weak, but if you have a reliable brand and your phone is relatively new and it keeps happening, then you should worry. Shut down all the unused apps and delete unnecessary data, and if it still continues to drain your battery, then you may know for sure that there may be spyware that is eating all the charge.

Additionally, if your phone is heating up all the time, then this could be another sign that you are being spied on and that you should be quick to find out if you are being tracked. Moreover, if you notice unusual disturbance while talking to someone, you should be worried unless you have bad cellular service.

Being Tracked by Phone

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What to Do If You Are Being Tracked by Phone

As we said, there is little you can do on your own to remove this spyware. It is always wise to seek professional help in dealing with the law, as legal students seek help from professional writing service in preparing legal assignment because of their grave complexity.

However, if you want to continue on your own to try and find out if you are being tracked, there are codes to check if your phone is tapped.

  • *#06#

You can find out the International Mobile Equipment Identifier (IMEI) of your phone to see who has it in case it went missing or stolen. This code will automatically send your location to your network even if the SIM card is changed, but it does not help with spying issue. This is why seeking police help is recommended because there is mobile tracking software used by police and they will be able to help you with your query. Law students know the worth of getting help whether it is for writing or for preparing assignment law because this issue is as serious as yours. The mobile tracking software used by police will be able to trace your phone instantly because they use high tech approach.

  • *#21#

Many consider it a useful code as it instantly displays a confirmation message on your phone’s screen if your conversations are being shared or sent to other devices. In case you run this code and find out that you are being watched, do not wait, instantly seek law for help. There are several kinds of tracking like SIM card tracking, and you never know which one you have been a victim of.

  • *#62#

This is another code if you are eager to find out on your own to know if you are being watched. Just run this code on your phone and it will tell you if your conversations and chats are being redirected to another device. Getting confirmation message after running any of these codes is scary and you are advised not to panic, act mature, and seek legal help like what law students do to complete their assignment law. Meanwhile, you can type ##002# and block your data from entering into your phone.

Protecting Self from Being Spied

How to Protect Yourself from Being Spied On

It is always smart to play safe than being sorry later, and honestly, no one likes to be heard by someone they do not intend to reach. Even if you have completely harmless day-to-day conversations with your friends or family, you have all the right to be private. However, all government secret agencies and your cellular companies beg to differ. They not only eavesdrop on your private chat but at times sell your data to other companies. To avoid anyone from breaking into your privacy you should use professional software that prohibits any outer party to enter your phone.   

Here are a few things you can do to save your phone:

  • Format your phone. It is the easiest and fastest way to flush all the unnecessary and uninvited malware. This will take you back to factory setting but you can deal with it, as it is better to have a phone without SIM card tracking malware. You will feel as satisfied and relieved as you did when you got your assignment law done.
  • Encrypt your data to protect it completely. You can go to the setting and the security in your phone and encrypt your data, it will take a bit of time but it will be worth it. Put on the charger because the battery may die during the process as it may take several hours.  



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