GPS Spy Trackers

If you think and feel like you’re being tracked, you maybe just imagining things or you’re probably right. But who are we to say? Nevertheless, this article will help you find ways to detect a hidden spy device. Using a tracking device that is relatively small like Trackimo, which is as small as a matchbox, it has become easy for anyone to track a car, a person, or a cellphone. By simply installing this piece of hardware on your vehicle or mobile phone, anyone can invade your privacy. But don’t worry, there are ways these GPS spy trackers can be detected.

Ways to Detect GPS Spy Trackers

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Use a bug detector

Bug Detector


A good bug detector has a high detection range of up to 9Ghz. It can detect most spy gadgets such as spy cameras, GPS trackers, telephone transmitters, etc. But most bug detectors can only identify bugs up to 3Ghz. So if you purchase a bug detector, make sure it can detect a bug with high radio frequency like Spy Hawk Pro RF GPS Bug Detector.

To use it, simply switch on the device and scan the surfaces that you suspect hide a tracking device. It’s easy to recognize if it has found something as it will simply beep and blink more rapidly than normal. If it blinks faster, it means the bug is closer. The spy hawk device can also be used to scan people and vehicles.

Use a GPS blocker

If it’s your cell phone that has been bugged, you can use a GPS jammer or GPS signal blocking device to prevent it from transmitting information because bug detectors like spy hawk don’t work on cell phones since most phones today have built-in GPS.

Another choice you have is to create a backup of all the files and contacts in your phone, then revert it to factory settings.



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