The Cost of Equipment Theft

Equipment theft has been a problem by many US companies for a long time. This is because equipment are expensive and easy to sell. Out of  10,925 reported cases of equipment theft by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) in 2012, only 20% of the stolen items were retrieved. The low rate of recovery only shows that stealing a equipment is a low risk.

Repurcussions of Equipment Theft

One of the contributing factors to the small percentage of recovered equipment is the delay in reporting. If you compare the recovery rate of equipment theft against car theft, the latter has the higher rate. The reason for this is because, since equipment are not use everyday like cars, the crime might not be discovered for several days, weeks or even months. Moreover, there’s the issue of ownership data for off road equipment, registration is not required. So even if an investigation is made and a suspicious equipment is found, it’s still difficult to trace the owner of the machine.

As a result, companies are double burned. They have to spend huge money to replace the stolen equipment, if fund is not yet available, there will be downtime which results in lost revenue. This is where asset tracking comes in.

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Landfill Construction GPS Tracking

To protect your equipment, an extensive tracking system that is suitable for your business is what you need. Trackimo tracking device will help you recover your equipment quickly and easily in case it goes missing. You can even prevent it from being stolen by activating its features that allow you to receive notifications if your asset is removed from its location without authorization.

The tracking device is durable and portable and can be incorporated into any kind of equipment such as trailers, generators, forklifts, backhoes, container, fuel tanks, etc.

If you want to know more about the benefits of installing Trackimo GPS tracking devices on your equipments, visit their web site.



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