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  • Ways GPS Fleet Tracking Can Help Your Business Stand Out

    It is competitive in the service industry. To ensure that your business is set apart from other services, make use of a 3G GPS tracking. Here are three ways to ensure that a fleet tracking device can help your business retain and win new clients.

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    Provide accurate ETAs with dispatching capabilities

    Effective Communication

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    To outshine competition, it is important that you can guarantee your customers accurate arrival times. With the dispatching capabilities that these trackers have, you can dispatch jobs to your vehicles, and even send messages to and from the office. With an in-vehicle device, you can help improve navigation with voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions and provide effective communication lines with your dispatchers and drivers.

    Get more jobs done in less time with the help of routing technology

    Factors like traffic and inefficient routes can hinder job accomplishments, especially when it comes to the more difficult tasks. However, with an efficient routing tool like most GPS trackers have, vehicle location and stops can be more efficient, and getting from A to Z is quicker and simpler. Not only will your business be able to complete more jobs, you can also save more on fuel and driving time, but more importantly, you can increase productivity.

    Grab the chance for greener business

    Businesses are feeling the pressure in adopting “green” practices, so while you may think going green is not worth the effort, it helps your business. With the GPS fleet tracking solution, you can reduce your carbon footprint with better routing and by minimizing CO² emissions by minimizing idle times. Using a fleet tracking solution could help your business put greener practices in place, helping your business win more bids from clients.

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  • Get GPS Tracking for $5 per month

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