Traveling with Dog

Letting your dog share your next road adventure with you is an exciting thought. But as always, there are numerous things to consider during the preparation period. First off, think about how your pet is going to behave when they are confined in a moving vehicle. Consider their temperament when taking short rides or imagine how they’ll do in long haul trips. That way, you’ll be able to prepare for that much awaited car ride with your furry friend.

See below other helpful suggestions to give you and your furry best friend that much-needed trip together.

Know what to pack

Separate your dog’s belongings from yours. Put them in different bags. Consider these items while on the road:

  • Food (don’t forget to include their favorite treats) and food bowl
  • Toys for chewing and biting
  • Stain/odor remover, paper towels
  • Poop bags (the more the better)
  • Separate bowl for water
  • Seat covers or plastic bags and even old sheets will do
  • Leash
  • Blanket
  • Crate, makeshift fence or barrier
  • If possible, dog safe insect repellents and dog safe sunscreen
  • Dog brush

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Packing for a Travel

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Tips for a Smooth Ride

Making your dog comfortable during the car ride should be the main objective of every owner who is planning to take them on a trip. Do know that the more experienced a dog is with car rides, the more comfortable he gets with the whole thing. Every expert will tell you that bringing with you a stressed out dog will not result in a pleasant experience at all.

Smooth Ride Tips

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Early introduction to riding cars is a must for every dog owner. Do not ever do it alone when having them sit in a moving vehicle for the first time as they tend to naturally get agitated. Have a trusted someone accompany you instead, that way someone else can help reassure their safety while you are driving.

Pet owners can also consider taking their dogs to short trips in the meantime to get them accustomed to longer ones after. The owners must remain calm as well to give their pets the assurance that they are safe and comfortable.

Things to Consider for the Actual Ride

Deal with car sickness properly

A number of dogs suffer car sickness no matter how near or far the destination is. One effective way to address is to have your dog take their meal before he gets in the car, then take them out for a walk to keep them from getting anxious throughout the trip. Another option is to consult your veterinarian on safe anti-nausea medications that you can have your pet take.

Car Sickness

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Plan your dog’s meals

Do not think about switching your dog’s usual meals as this might give them an upset stomach, and make sure these are packed with nutrients to keep them in a good mood throughout the trip.

Dog Food


Know when to feed your pet

It is best to feed your dog a minimum of three to four hours before the actual trip. Your dog may get understandably hungry while on the road, so schedule a pit stop and feed him while waiting for a considerable time before setting off again.

Pet Feeding


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