Avoid Lost Luggage Using GPS

You can avoid lost luggage using GPS, and the story of one woman will highlight to you why. Lavoie Konyk flew across the country to commemorate her husband’s first death anniversary with her family, bringing with her a special scrapbook full of her husband’s memory. Unfortunately, upon her arrival in Winnipeg, she noticed the bag where she had put the scrapbook and her other stuff including shoes, jewelries, and also a battery charger for her hand prosthesis is gone. According to the widow, it might have fallen out of the trunk on her way to the airport. Lavoie Konyk’s husband, David Konyk, who was a former firefighter, died of a rare type of cancer and was interred at a memorial for firefighters in Brookside Cemetery. The scrapbook was made with love—it contained rare photographs and badges—and Lavoie wanted to show it to her daughter Jocelyne.

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Bag of Lavoie

The mother and daughter showed the bag similar to the one Lavoie lost. It had a picture of a scene in New York City printed on it. Lavoie couldn’t afford to lose the bag because of the valuable things inside. It was not the jewelry or the money but far more valuable than it—the scrapbook. If she lost it, it was also like losing the memory of her late husband.

They have searched everywhere, including through garbage cans—and they are still looking for it thus, finding a lost luggage is not quick and easy.

Scrapbook of LavoieWhen we travel to any new destinations, we always come back bringing with us a bagful of memories and various souvenirs. How would you react if you lost all of it? According to the Bureau of Transportation Services (BTS), in 2010 alone, more than 2 million bags were bungled. And that data was from the airport only, the luggage that got lost while in transit were not included—just like what happened to Lavoie’s bag in Winnipeg.

Losing your luggage spells disaster and sometimes, as in this case, a lost piece of your past. Fortunately, there is a way to prevent it from happening again.

How You Can Avoid Lost Luggage Using GPS Tracker

Many people are now using GPS technology in tracking their missing luggage. GPS tracking device like Trackimo is a tiny, durable, and portable tracking unit that can be attached to your luggage or inserted inside your bag without occupying some space.

Using the global navigation satellite system, these tiny devices allow you to trace your belongings in real time and avoid lost luggage using GPS. You can check the tracked object’s location through your personal computer or smartphone. As long as there is cellular reception, with these trackers, you have on your hands a way of knowing where your belongings are.

As an added security feature, GPS trackers also let you set up a safe zone for your luggage so the second it goes outside your assigned border, you will immediately receive an alert, allowing for quick recovery of the object in the event that it gets stolen or misrouted.

3G GPS Tracker

Moreover, most GPS trackers come with batteries that last up to seven days, so you don’t have to worry about it staying active through multiple flights. And you also get to receive alerts if any of your bags get opened.

GPS tracking device also has a built-in accelerometer that will allow you to set up speed thresholds for your luggage and you will also receive an alert if it goes faster than the speed you have set up. This feature will prevent bag theft by acting as soon as you receive the alert and locate your bag.

Losing luggage is something that can happen to anyone. Nobody is ever really safe from stressful airline disasters. But there are tips to never lose your luggage again by this way you can protect your belongings and one is purchasing GPS trackers, an investment that is worth every penny. So the next time you travel, insert a tracking device on your luggage to avoid lost luggage using GPS.



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