Drones Roaming Freely

Drones roaming freely have been on the increase in the recent time. Just recently, a 40-year-old man was hit by a drone that was taking pictures at a wedding reception and was badly injured. Sustaining injuries in the head, the man was reportedly sent to the hospital. This indeed is one of the many probable cases of drone accidents as they are increasingly used in photography, as a hobby, and for the delivery of goods by business men and women.

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India: No Rules for Drones Roaming Freely, yet to be Implemented

In India, there are no rules that prohibit citizens from using drones without obtaining permission from the police or the civil aviation authorities. But the Indian Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is currently in the middle of forming laws and guidelines for the operation of drones. Following this new development, civilians are henceforth prohibited from flying drones until the guidelines are out.

Although these orders were issued, there are no enforcement of this statement as people can be seen flying drones everywhere in India in spite of the order from ICAO.

Drones have this disadvantage of crashing down any moment if its battery has been used for 20 to 25 times, which could cause serious injuries to anything near it because of its sharp blades. Also, drizzling of rain can cause its motor to burn, thereby making it uncontrollable.

The police administration has not been able to catch drones that are flown illegally because they cant do that unless it has an accident. Also, drone sellers and users claim that the use of drone fetch them a lot of money because it has aided the way certain things are done. One seller says in an interview with him that he makes up to $300 in the sales and hiring of his drones to people. Journalists have also said that they’re happy the drone technology has come into place because it has made their work easier—and safer because they don’t need to be at a war scene anymore just to make a report about it.



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