After logging in to the Trackimo website with your username and password, you will reach the Trackimo dashboard. The image below depicts the Trackimo dashboard with a short explanation in the table below about the key items within the dashboard.



AMap ViewIn the homepage, this is where you can view all your Trackimo devices as seen on the map.
BHistoryThe history shows the different locations representing where your device has been at certain periods. Select the dates that you want to check, and it will take you to a more detailed track of your device history.
CNotificationsAlerts the user to the number of unread device notifications, and upon clicking the menu shows all device notifications.
DMap Settings This will show different map configurations, whether you want to see the cluster devices, have the map show device names, or show traffic.
EDirectionsGet directions to your next destination by clicking on the button. Input data as necessary so that the device can calculate possible routes.
FSearch Allows you to view a location, check for directions, or calculate distance.
GLocationShows your current location.
HZoom InAllows you to zoom in your view of the map
IZoom OutAllows you to zoom out your view of the map
JInstructionsThis will lead you to instructions and information regarding your device
KFacebook Like ButtonStay connected with Trackimo by hitting the like button
LLanguageAllows you to customize the language used in the app.
MProfileShows account info and contacts. It will also allow you to log out of the app.
NAdd DeviceThis section allows you to add and activate another device in your Trackimo account.
OGeo ZonesThis allows you to add, customize, and view your virtual fences.
PSearch DevicesFilter devices by name, Device ID number, or tags.
QDevice Icon This shows you the Device ID number or name as customized.
RShareAllows you to share device location information for a limited time via a URL to anyone.
SDevice SettingsAllows you to customize your device, set alarms, or manage subscription as necessary.
TSend BeepAllows device to give off a low beeping sound.
UUpdate LocationAllows you to trigger an update from the device, manually.
VDevice InfoShows device information, including address of last location, time of last update, and battery status.
WMap ViewShows different types of maps including the default view, satellite view, OSM view, or Mapbox view.