After logging in to the Trackimo website with your username and password, you will reach the Trackimo dashboard. The image below depicts the Trackimo dashboard with a short explanation in the table below about the key items within the dashboard.


ADevice Marker IconThis is the icon that is associated with a device. This will be the icon representing the device on the map. (You can change your icon in the setting menu.)
BDevice NicknameThis is the nickname chosen for your device, which will appear in emails and notifications. (You can change your device’s nickname by clicking the edit icon next to it. Select a new nickname and save.)
CDevice Info Pop UpProvides location and speed information about the device, and is located right above the device marker on the map.
DNotification MenuAlerts the user to the number of unread device notifications, and upon clicking the menu shows all device notifications.
EUser MenuUpon clicking provides user specific options such as logging out or activating another device.
FDevice Location InformationProvides location, battery status and speed information about the device.
GUpdate Location ButtonUpdates the device location.
HTracking Frequency SelectorProvides the option to select how frequently the device updates its location. Please note, the more frequently that the device updates its location, the shorter battery life it will have.
ISettings Menu ButtonUpon clicking the button, the alarm menu will open allowing setting alarms and notifications.
JFences MenuUpon clicking the button, existing fences appear and the fences menu becomes available.
KView History SelectorSelects the device history and shows it on the map.
LTagsAllows entering multiple tags per device.
MDevice NotificationsThe device notifications, upon clicking them, will be cleared from the list.
NManage SubscriptionThis section shows subscription information regarding the device and allows renewing the current subscription and increasing monthly text alert limit.
ODevice FilterThis filter allows you to filter device by nickname, id, tags and fences
PUser PreferencesAllows you to change measurement units, SOS alarm sound and date format
QActivate DeviceAllows you to add devices to account
RExport HistoryAllows you to download device history in CSV format
SSend “beep” to deviceThis button sends beep command to device. Once the device receives the command, the beep signal will be heard