To provide you with a richer visual and audio experience, the device will display lights and make sounds. The picture below shows where all the buttons and lights are located on the device and the table below shows what causes these lights and sounds to occur.

1-7a 1-7b

When this happens…LightsSounds
Power on the deviceGreen light will flash 3 times2 short beeps
Power off the deviceRed light will flash twiceLong beep
Connected to mobile networkLeft blue light on for 4 secondsLong beep
Any key is pressedGreen light turns on for 3 seconds%empty%
SOS key pressed for 2 secondsBoth blue lights flash twiceLong beep
Left or Right key pressed for 2 secondsCorresponding blue light flashes twiceLong beep
Low BatteryRed light flashing%empty%
ChargingRed light slowly flashing%empty%
Plugged in and fully chargedRed light steady%empty%
Cellular network and GPS not connectedLeft and right blue lights flash slowlyShort beep
No cellular network connection, GPS connected reachedRight blue light turns on for 4 secondsShort beep
Cellular network and GPS connection reachedLeft blue light on for 4 secondsShort beep


* For silent mode setting, please see Device Beep Settings on page 15.