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The common problem among rental car companies is how poorly the customers treat rental cars. If you search for videos of rental car abuse on Google or YouTube, you will understand what we are talking about. If only they handled it like how they would’ve treated their own car, it wouldn’t be as bad. But that’s the sad reality of the business. You can’t control the way your customers behave, but you can always find a way to lessen the damages if not prevent suffering from one. And one good way is to install GPS tracking on your vehicles to prevent car rental abuse.

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Rental Car Abuse


Common Rental Car Abuse Activities

Common forms of rental car abuse include speeding, too much engine revving, frequent hard braking, excessive swerving, driving in off-road zones, etc. Such driving behaviors are what car rental companies worry the most. Ill-treated rental cars may need a frequent change of brakes, tires, and other parts replacement. In other words, it shortens the lifespan of their vehicles and will result in unnecessary expenses on repairs and maintenance not to mention its effect on insurance cost.

The above scenarios don’t concern irresponsible renters as they don’t own the vehicle. They don’t care if the rental car lasts only a year or less. What matters to them is they don’t get caught. But this can be changed, thanks to a piece of technology called GPS tracking.

How to Prevent Car Rental Abuse

For rental companies, GPS tracking can provide more than just navigation assistance, it can also help them prevent car rental abuse. With this piece of technology, they will now be able to monitor customer’s driving behavior. From the vehicle’s speed to the routes it had taken, it will be recorded in the device’s history log. The rental car GPS tracker can send alert to the manager when a sign of car misuse is detected. In return, the customers will be penalized for their poor driving habits that caused damage to the rental car.



Monitoring leased cars with GPS trackers not only helps companies prevent car rental abuse, it can also be beneficial to honest customers. The GPS system can help them avoid getting lost when traveling to unfamiliar places. Also, the SOS button in GPS tracker allows them to call for immediate assistance in case of an emergency or vehicle accident. Additionally, customers may receive potential discounts in both rental and insurance fees as their reward for displaying good driving behavior. Of course, participating in this program means the renter agrees to use a rental car with vehicle tracker.

It is important to keep customers accountable for their bad driving habits when renting vehicles. That is one of the benefits only GPS tracking can provide. Because again, not only will it will car rental abuse, it will also help companies save business money on repair and maintenance.



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