Increase Employee Productivity

GPS technology has helped many companies in the transport industry. The business plan built around investing in this shares a common goals—to increase employee productivity, save money and manage more effective fleets while ensuring customer satisfaction.

If you happen to be dealing with problems with your fleet such as high fuel costs, unruly employee behavior, and dissatisfied customers, then you might want to start investing in a GPS device. One of the devices available in the market is Trackimo, it has the ability to alert business owners and managers of their fleet’s whereabouts in real time, serving as a cost-effective solution for all your concerns.

There is no shortage of ways a business can benefit from GPS tracking system, below are the most important reasons one should consider incorporating the help of this technology in their everyday operations:

Advantages of GPS in Business

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1. Ensure an increase employee productivity

Increase Employee Productivity

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Overtime costs can be easily managed with a reliable GPS tracker. According to studies, it can save companies as much as $5,484 for each employee annually. This is because fleet managers have the ability to oversee if their employees are working productively during office hours. So everything from break periods to clock ins are being accounted for.

Fuel and maintenance costs will be reduced too since dispatchers can now map out more cost-effective routes. Trackimo uses top-notch GPS mapping technology that gives management update on any changes in different roads and terrains to increase employee productivity.

2. Improve business operations

Eliminate the need to keep numerous records by having a GPS system manage them for you. One of the main concerns companies have is the need to keep track of fleet-related issues all at the same time. This can result in countless paperwork, which consumes a lot of resources. With a GPS tracker, managers have real-time access to how your fleet is operating while on the road, allowing you to save both time and money and thus, increase employee productivity.

3. Create an environment-friendly fleet

Environment-friendly companies attract a lot of customers. To achieve this, a fleet installed with a GPS tracking system can lessen carbon emissions while on the road, considering that it now takes shorter routes. It also prevents drivers from wasting fuel, examples of which are instances wherein they use the company’s assets to make personal trips. This malpractice results in the company spending as much as $2,400 a year.

4. Dispatch drivers accordingly

The main issue that companies in the delivery business have to face is punctuality. With GPS technology, dispatchers can send the nearest truck to a specific route to ensure that deliveries are sent in a timely manner. This is also useful in case one of your vehicles breaks down as managers can dispatch the nearest truck to take over.

5. Reduced maintenance costs

Car Maintenace


Most sophisticated fleet managing systems notify users in case the vehicle requires repairs or maintenance, and that is crucial when it comes to preventing the truck from breaking down in the middle of their day-to-day operation.

6. Keep records

An organized fleet is a product of proper planning. GPS tracking systems keep a history of records that are essential in your operations. There will be no need to make constant follow-ups through phone or text messaging, as all the information will be automatically transmitted through the GPS application.

Auditing can be a simple task with GPS tracking as well to increase employee productivity. Employee working hours and vehicle mileage are all calculated by your system.

7. Reduced insurance premium

Many insurance companies will lessen their premiums if a GPS tracker for fleet management is installed in their fleet. Companies do not need to sacrifice their current coverage by doing so, thus saving the company a lot of money. Additionally, a GPS tracking device can be beneficial in case of an accident involving your trucks. The device records every movement made in your vehicle, justifying that your driver did no wrong if false accusations were made.

8. Prevent unauthorized use of your vehicles

Trackimo can track your fleet 24/7, so business owners can check if the vehicles or goods are being used for reasons beyond its intended purpose. At the same time, you may justify any reprimanding actions you wish to impose on drivers who do this while keeping your fleet safe and saving on fuel costs.

9. Establish driver safety while on the road

Safety First

Driving can be a very energy-consuming job, and some drivers resort to dangerous methods to get the job done. This can endanger your employee’s life and put your assets at risk, not to mention speeding can damage the company’s image. So to ensure that drivers are not putting their life on the line, managers can gather data on their behavior while on the road and train them on how to operate in a safer manner.

GPS devices such as Trackimo may be useful when it comes to emergency situations. It has an SOS button that will alert dispatchers in case something happens to the driver and the fleet while on the road.

10. Achieve top-notch customer satisfaction

A mistake that most businesses do is attract customers while neglecting their older ones. But with a GPS tracking device, you can prioritize both. Deliver your goods on time and maintain healthy business relationships with all of your customers by having a GPS system do the job for you. Trackimo will ensure that you would be able to respond to customers in case of delay and calculate the estimated time of delivery, hence, increase employee productivity.

Equipping your fleet with a GPS tracking system is a very good investment but could be one that you’re not ready to make because of the cost. The benefits it offers are more than what you can ask for from a product of technology, but it’s true, it can cost you money at first. If you don’t have enough funds for this new move, there are a lot of companies out there that are willing to help you with that. Payday Loans is one. As to how they can lend you a hand, everything you need to know click here.

Starting a business is a process that involves a lot of risks that you have to be brave enough to take. But if you just make the right decision and invest only in the right things, everything will go as smoothly as you want it to. And in a short time, you will find yourself harvesting the fruits of your labor.



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