GPS Pet Tracker

Do you know where your pet is during the day? Have they gotten loose and been captured by animal control? Are they sitting in a cold isolated metal cage at an animal shelter? Are they running too close to traffic? The images and thoughts run endlessly in your mind. A GPS Pet Tracker can ease your worries.

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A Buyers Guide to Pet GPS Trackers

Why GPS Pet Tracker ?

Many already assume that microchips act like GPS trackers where they can easily obtain information about the exact location of where their pet has wandered off. However, implanted microchips do not have this capability. Now imagine the possibilities and the instant peace of mind you’d be able to have if it was a GPS tracker.

Pet trackers have been around for a little while, but they’ve been large and cumbersome. Current advancements in technology have yielded dramatic decreases in the size of GPS trackers. This makes placing one on your pet’s collar easier, without worrying about the weight factor.

They let you do some pretty cool things too. Present day devices allow you to define a safe zone by creating a virtual fence. You can program it to send you alerts if your pet ever leaves the virtual confinements that you’ve created.

How Do They Work?


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Today’s trackers rely on satellites to discover the location of your pet with great accuracy. Giving you real time alerts, using 3G GPS technology and apps to locate your pet will become faster as well as easier. The accuracy of the satellites in tracking your pet gives you the ability to monitor their location anywhere in the neighborhood, city, or country.

Microchip technology has been useful in reuniting animals with their owners, but only after taking the wayward animal to a shelter and using a microchip reader. With advancements in GPS tracking, you can easily locate your animal at any time through a mobile app.

Never again will you have to scour the neighborhood, put up posters, frantically call around trying to find your pet, or worry about an animal shelter putting down your ‘unclaimed’ pet. Know where your furry loved ones are at all times and go about your day without worrying about their safety.

The future looks brighter and safer for pets around the world.



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