Your Trackimo device needs to have a clear view of the sky so that the satellite signals can be received. “Clear View of the sky” means that the device needs to have an open line of sight to the GPS satellites in the sky. GPS was developed for shipping, aircraft and launch vehicles, which have an unobstructed view of the sky.

GPS satellites are in constant motion, rising and setting. In a given 2 hour time window, four satellites may rise and set over the horizon. This means that a satellite fix that was obtainable fifteen minutes ago in a location may not be obtainable in the next try.

The best location to get a satellite fix is on an open road. Roads provide a clear line of sight in the direction of the road, and often the buildings and trees are set back sufficiently that there is good visibility side to side. This is the ideal device location in order to get the initial fix or location for your device

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James Harold