1. After you have fully charged and turned on your device for the first time:

2. Browse to our website www.trackimo.com and click Login button.

3. If you are not registered yet, click on Sign Up, enter your e-mail and password, retype password and click on Sign Up For Trackimo and after a while please check your e-mail and confirm registration then go to     www.trackimo.com and click Login button.

4. Login using your e-mail and password.

5. Click Orange “Activate device” button or choose Activate device from drop-down menu at top-right and follow the form.

6. You will need to enter your device ID; It can be found on the label attached to the bottom of the Box or underneath battery. It is a 7 digit number (e.g., 1050137).

7. You will be able to enter your payment details or activation code.

8. Follow activation prompts from the website.

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James Harold