The Number of Drones Registered in Georgia Are Over 1000

Since the state of Georgia started to implement and required drone registration, the number of drone has gone over a thousand in less than a year, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The drone registration was made compulsory before a drone pilot is allowed to fly an unmanned aerial vehicle.

The List of Drones Registered in Georgia

FAA consolidated a list of commercial and casual drones across the United States which includes the city, state, and zip code. The list did not include the names and exact addresses of the drone owners to protect their privacy. Furthermore, the drones registered in Georgia consistently tops the list and evidently shows that it is the most drone-saturated state in the country.

In the record pertaining to the drones registered in Georgia, among the 1000+ plus drones, 900 of which are used for recreational use and almost 150 of which belong to commercial drone pilots and law enforcement agencies.


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Commercial Drones


According to the organization’s regulations, any person who possess a drone weighing more than half pound is required to register the drone before flying it outdoors, regardless if it’s used for recreational, commercial or law fulfillment purposes. This operation is done in order to protect the people of the country from certain terrorizing threats brought about the bulging industry of drones.

Although FAA has released the announcement months ago, there are still a lot of drone pilots who have not registered their remotely piloted aircraft (RPA). Despite this, the FAA fastens its hope that the registration of drones would instill a sense of responsibility to every drone owner. After each owner has registered his drone, the FAA hopes to send educational information to each drone owner’s e-mail address.

There is a charge of $5 for registration, and those who fail to register may be charged as much as $27,500. It is advised that drone owners present a proof of registration when using their drones.


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