8 Devices Trackimo BT Blue-Tooth Tracker

Trackimo BT Blue-Tooth Tracker
  • Easily find items using the app distance indicator
  • Ring the Tracker device to quickly find lost items
  • Ring a lost smartphone with the Tracker device button, even when the phone is on silent!
  • Use as a remote control for Selfie
  • Works with your iPhone 4s & later and Android 4.4 & later
  • 1/4 Inch thick x 1.5 inch each of the triangle sides
  • Battery life 6-12 month depending on the use
  • Avg new battery cost $0.5-$1

Find lost items in seconds using Tracker! The wireless coin-sized tracker device attaches to commonly misplaced items. Using the iPhone or Android Tracker app, the user can quickly locate their lost or misplaced items. Find those missing keys in the morning by causing them to ring and using the app’s distance indicator.