Best Elderly GPS Trackers of 2019: Reviews, Comparisons, Pros & Cons


Caring for the elderly members of our society is a task that comes with many challenges. Thankfully, there are now many devices out there that help to make it easier on the part of the caretakers, not to mention that they make life more comfortable on the part of the seniors too. Elderly GPS trackers are just one example of these helpful devices. These GPS trackers specifically designed for seniors help caretakers and family members to keep an eye on their elderly patients and relatives and thus ensure their safety.


They can be lifesaving devices especially for seniors who have mild to serious cases of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease or other conditions that may make them prone to wandering and getting lost. If you are taking care of an elderly member who has been diagnosed with these conditions, these elderly GPS trackers can give you optimum peace of mind in the knowledge that you can quickly locate your loved one should he or she suddenly wander off without anyone noticing.


When shopping for the best elderly GPS trackers in the market, you have to consider a few things:


  • Your needs – Are you okay with conventional trackers? Or would you want something more discrete? There are traditional types of trackers, which you can typically put in the bottom of a bag, and then there are types that can be worn as a bracelet or a watch.
  • Monthly fees – GPS trackers use cellular technology in tracking down exact locations, and this is why many of them also come with monthly cellular plans and fees. There are a few devices that don’t have fees, but they’re a lot less exact in their tracking abilities.
  • Additional features – There are some devices that come with additional features like a heart rate monitor and such. The most helpful features you should look out for are SOS emergency buttons, audio monitoring, and two-way calling.


To help you with choosing the best tracker suitable for your loved one, we have put together a comprehensive list of 11 of the best elderly GPS trackers on the market today.

Product Image
Device price
Yearly plan
Total cost monthly after 3 years
Works worldwide
Bluetooth tracking
WiFi tracking
Installation Options
Hard-wired / OBD / Magnetic box
1.4 oz
2.3 oz
Verizon GizmoWatch
2.36 ounces
1.7 ounces
1.1 oz
0.92 oz
0.5 oz
1.1 oz
2.99 oz
Belt strap
1.1 oz

What are the best Vehicle GPS trackers available right now?

  • Real Time Tracking
  • SOS Button
  • Long battery life
Device Price:$198.00 1 Year service Cost $0 Included 3 Years service Cost $120.00 Total cost after 36 months (including Device)$8.88 monthly Summary: Well rounded affordable tracker Buy now Read Full review
  • 2G only
  • Bulky
  • High service fee
Device Price:$99.00 1 Year service Cost $399 Included 3 Years service Cost $1197.00 Total cost after 36 months (including Device)$36.08 monthly Summary: Very high service fee Buy now Read Full review
  • 3G network
  • Only works in US
  • No Worldwide coverage option
Device Price:$179.99 1 Year service Cost $60 3 Years service Cost $180.00 Total cost after 36 months (including Device)$9.99 monthly Summary: Only works in the U.S Buy now Read Full review
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Low battery life
  • Does not work in every country
Device Price:$135.00 1 Year service Cost $180 Included 3 Years service Cost $540.00 Total cost after 36 months (including Device)$18.75 monthly Summary: For kids but high service fee Buy now Read Full review
  • Small
  • Higher cost for International service
  • High subscription cost
Device Price:$159.00 1 Year service Cost $156 Included 3 Years service Cost $466.00 Total cost after 36 months (including Device)$17.30 monthly Summary: Can only attach to a Keyring Buy now Read Full review
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Same model as mulitple companies
  • No special features
Device Price:$49.99 1 Year service Cost $239.88 Included 3 Years service Cost $719.64 Total cost after 36 months (including Device)$21.37 monthly Summary: High service fee Buy now Read Full review
  • 3G network
  • Poor battery life
  • Data plan required
Device Price:$149.00 1 Year service Cost $72.00 Included 3 Years service Cost $216.00 Total cost after 36 months (including Device)$10.13 monthly Summary: Battery life is poor for the size of the tracker. Buy now Read Full review
  • Real Time Tracking
  • No SOS
  • Additional fees
Device Price:$99.00 1 Year service Cost $149.99 Included 3 Years service Cost $449.97 Total cost after 36 months (including Device)$15.24 monthly Summary:Has activation fee Buy now Read Full review
  • Small Device
  • Audio Listening
  • Only works in North America
Device Price:$44.95 1 Year service Cost $179.40 Included 3 Years service Cost $538.20 Total cost after 36 months (including Device)$16.19 monthly Summary:Only works in US, Canada and Mexico Buy now Read Full review
  • Real Time Tracking
  • History Reports
  • Limited 2G network
Device Price:$49.95 1 Year service Cost $299.40 Included 3 Years service Cost $898.20 Total cost after 36 months (including Device)$26.34 monthly Summary: Only 2g, bulky device Buy now Read Full review
  • Replacable batteries
  • Ment for pets only , Bulky
  • Oddly shaped
Device Price:$129.00 1 Year service Cost $107.40 Included 3 Years service Cost $322.20 Total cost after 36 months (including Device)$12.5 monthly Summary: It has an Odd shape for a tracker Buy now Read Full review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1.Trackimo

    Price: $198.00
    • Real-time tracking
    • SOS button
    • Long battery life
    • Is also enabled with Bluetooth and WiFi tracking
    • Works worldwide
    • Lots of wearable options – as watch, pouch, belt clip, lanyard, and keychain
    • Almost as light as a feather, so you might forget about you wearing it

    Don’t be fooled by its tiny size, as the Trackimo 3G GPS device is one powerhouse of a gadget. It boasts a long battery life, lasting up to 30 days on battery-saving mode, so you won’t have to constantly charge it. It also works worldwide or anywhere there is GSM cellular reception, ensuring that no matter where you are in the world, you can rely on its services. It has GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi tracking capabilities, so it works for an unlimited distance.

    Its SOS button feature allows the wearer to immediately call for help whenever he or she gets into any kind of danger; when it is pressed, it instantly sends out an SOS alert to the caregiver or guardian of the wearer and pinpoints their exact location. It also provides real-time tracking with its GPS and GSM capabilities, and you can readily access all that information on your mobile phone, as it works with an app that can be accessed via an Android or iOS phone. So whether you’re at work or at the grocery, you can always be updated with the whereabouts of your loved one. It can also be worn in any number of ways—as a watch, a pouch, a belt clip, a lanyard, or a keychain.

    Even with its full range of benefits and features, the Trackimo 3G GPS tracker also offers the most cost-efficient plan out of all the devices in the market, with its low monthly service cost. After the initial 12-month service period is over, you will be charged only $5 per month. Overall, it is one of the most well-performing and well-rounded trackers today, as it offers both performance and affordability.

  2. 2. Angel Sense

    Price: $99.00
    • Designed for special needs people
    • Gives accurate location information
    • Offers “Listen In” mode or audio monitoring
    • Bulky size
    • Short battery life
    • Only offers 2G capabilities
    • High service fees

    The AngelSense is about the size of a small touchscreen phone, so in terms of tracker size, it is a bit bulky when compared to other smaller and more discreet gadgets. It is specially designed for the special-needs community and their guardians, so there are some specific features in this device that were created to suit them. For instance, it provides SOS alerts for instances when the person is in an unexpected place or somewhere they were not supposed to be. It also tracks their regular routine, so if your loved one leaves a place sooner than expected or misses an appointment, you’ll get to be alerted.

    This device also offers accurate real-time information as to the location of the wearer and the timeline of his or her activities. It offers two-way calling, so you’ll always be able to get in touch with your loved one should you wish to check in on them. It also has a Listen In mode or audio monitoring that lets you discreetly observe and listen in to whatever is happening around the wearer. However, because it only has 2G capabilities, it might be a bit slower and indeed it does lag behind in terms of bandwidth compared to its more advanced and speedier 3G rivals. It is also limited by the fact that it doesn’t have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi tracking capabilities.

    With its wide cellular coverage, the AngelSense offers worldwide service. It also links to an app, so wherever you are, you can update yourself as to the whereabouts of the wearer. This device can also be placed inside a pouch, although because of its bulky size, it cannot be worn as anything else, like a watch or a bracelet

    Overall, this device offers some benefits, but it also has a few things going against it. One of its biggest cons are its very high service fees. Considering its limitations and its high fees, this might not be quite such a good bargain.

  3. 3. Verizon GizmoWatch

    Price: $179.99
    • 3G network
    • Portable
    • Only works in the US
    • No worldwide coverage option

    The Verizon GizmoWatch is a preferred device for people who want speed and reliability, thanks to its 3G network capabilities. You can also stay informed of your wearer’s whereabouts using the GizmoHub app. With the use of GPS technology, you can set GPS boundaries and receive instant alerts whenever the user goes beyond them.

    There is also a two-way calling and messaging feature so you can check in on your loved one at regular intervals, and your loved one can also get in touch with you in case he or she needs something. The GizmoWatch also functions as a fitness tracker, counting the steps taken by its wearer. For seniors, it’s important that they get a bit of exercise daily, so this feature is bound to be useful to them. It is tough and waterproof so anyone can wear this outdoors in any kind of weather without having to worry about the device getting wet. It is designed to be worn as a watch, so it is a lot more portable than other bulkier trackers. You can even change strap styles and colors to fit the taste of the wearer.

    Although the GizmoWatch is quite affordable (like the Trackimo GPS tracker, it has a monthly service fee of $5), there is one glaring disadvantage to this device: it has no worldwide capabilities and can only be used in the US. This means you can’t use it if in case you or the wearer travels outside the US.

  4. 4.Amber Alert GPS

    Price: $135.00
    • Real-time tracking
    • SOS button feature
    • Mobile tracking via an app
    • Low battery life.
    • Does not work in every country.
    • High monthly service fees.

    The Amber Alert GPS is a tracker that is targeted mostly for kids. (It has a feature that lists down the addresses of registered sex offenders. Amazing, right?) But this does not mean that you can’t use it for the elderly members of your family. It is packed with the features that usually come with GPS trackers, the foremost of which is its accuracy in pinpointing the exact location of its wearer. This accurate location information can be accessed via a mobile app, which is updated every 5 minutes.

    For added security, there is an SOS button feature. You can get instant alerts whenever the wearer feels like he or she is in a dangerous situation. You can also set up safe zones (the places that the wearer typically visits) so you can get alerts whenever he or she exceeds them or enters unfamiliar territory.

    But it has quite a number of disadvantages: it has low battery life compared to other trackers, as its battery only lasts up to 40 hours on a single charge. Also, it does not work in every country, so it does not have worldwide access.

    Ultimately, this device has some good features. Even when it’s mainly marketed for kids, its features are quite flexible in that they can also be fit for use by older people. However, at $15 per month, it has quite high monthly service fees.

  5. 5.PocketFinder

    Price: $159.00
    • Portable due to its small size
    • SOS button
    • Google Wi-Fi Touch, GPS, and GSM capabilities
    • Military grade privacy protection
    • Higher cost for international service
    • High subscription cost

    This device is so named as the PocketFinder because it literally fits in your pocket, due to its keychain-sized design. However, that doesn’t mean you should underestimate this device, as it also comes packed with helpful features. First, it has Google’s Wi-Fi Touch, useful for tracking indoor locations, while its GPS and GSM capabilities accurately track down outdoor locations.

    Like most trackers in the market, it comes equipped with an SOS button, which can come in handy if the wearer happens to get lost or becomes involved in a potentially dangerous situation. It can also be accessed through a mobile app, and the location information is regularly updated on the app, ensuring that you’ll stay informed in real time when it comes to the whereabouts and activities of your loved one. Security is also not a problem with this device, as it also offers military grade privacy protection.

    There are a few downsides though. The PocketFinder comes with a high subscription cost. If you live outside of the United States, you will have to pay a higher cost for its international service. This might not be such a good bargain especially if there are devices out there that offer worldwide services at, forgive the pun, pocket-friendly fees. Also, it is not as versatile as other devices in terms of design, as it can only be used as a keychain.

  6. 6. Amcrest AM GL300

    Price: $49.99
    • Real-time tracking through an app or its website
    • Customize geo-fencing zones
    • Durable, compact, and water-resistant
    • Relatively long battery life
    • · Same model as multiple companies
    • · No special features
    • · 2G network only
    • Relatively high service fees

    With the Amcrest AM GL300, you get real-time tracking updates either through a desktop/PC or your mobile phone. You just log on to a website or access an app on your Android or iOS, and you can already monitor the activity of the wearer as well as manage and customize alerts. With this function, you can create custom geo-fencing zones that alert you instantly whenever the wearer gets outside the boundaries of such zones.

    This tracker is also in the “built to last” category. It is made from durable materials, and its design is compact and water-resistant. Its battery is the same, with a life span of about 10 to 14 days before you need to charge it again, though it cannot be compared to the Trackimo 3G GPS tracker’s battery power.

    It is slower in terms of connection compared to other devices, as it only has 2G capabilities, unlike others that have 3G. If you consider this along with its relatively high service fees, this might not offer you the best deal, and you might still be able to find other devices out there that can offer you more for your money.

  7. 7.Trax 3G

    Price: $149.00
    • 3G network
    • Geofencing features
    • Wireless charging
    • Waterproof
    • Real-time, mobile tracking
    • Poor battery life
    • Lacks an SOS button
    • Does not offer worldwide services
    • Data plan required

    The company that makes the Trax 3G markets this device as “small in size but big on technology,” and it’s quite a big claim. But let’s find out whether the Trax 3G does live up to expectations.

    First, its 3G network ensures that you get speedy connections and accurate updates. It also offers geofencing options so you can set safe zones for your loved one. Another one of its most attractive features is wireless charging. (Say good-bye to tangled wires and cables!) It is also waterproof so anyone can wear it outside even when it’s raining without having to worry about the device getting wet and malfunctioning. It updates in real time, and you can access all this information in its app.

    For all its benefits, this device lacks something: an SOS button that sends out alerts should the wearer find himself or herself in a potentially dangerous situation. It also does not offer worldwide services; at this time, it can only be used in certain 3G and 2G supported countries.

    While its monthly service fees are not that expensive, its battery life is poor considering its size, and you might find yourself constantly having to recharge it. Verdict: this device offers quite a good number of benefits, but you might still be able to find others that are better.

  8. 8. SCOUT GPS Tracker

    Price: $99.00
    • Real-time tracking
    • Geofencing
    • Relatively long battery life
    • Lacks an SOS button
    • Additional fees

    Small and lightweight and weighing just 0.5 ounces, this device still comes packed with features. The first of them is real-time tracking technology, which lets you track the movements and location of the wearer. It also allows you to set up geo-fenced zones, a feature that will then alert you directly if the wearer instantly goes outside of those zones. You will need to keep your phone handy to get access to the said information and alerts, as this device does not have a linked app. It just transmits information to your phone or tablet via a cellular network. You can also access this information on a desktop or laptop.

    Its battery has a relatively long life, as it can last up to 3 weeks in standby mode. It can be charged in two ways: by connecting it via USB cable to a computer or by plugging it into its wall charger.

    Despite these advantages, there are also some disadvantages: it lacks an SOS button, the feature that allows its wearer to contact and send out an instant alert to his or her caregiver or guardian in times when the wearer is feeling particularly threatened or is in a dangerous place. It also requires the user to pay an activation fee, and it also has relatively high service fees as well.

  9. 9. Qbit

    Price: $44.95
    • Small, portable device
    • Geofencing
    • Audio listening
    • Real-time tracking via its app and website
    • Two-way calling
    • Only works in North America
    • Relatively high monthly service fees

    The Qbit is one of the smallest trackers in the market with audio listening capabilities. Though it is small, it has quite powerful features, the first of which is real-time tracking. Wherever you are, you can get updates on the location and whereabouts of your loved one. You can also create geo-fence areas and customize it so that you instantly receive alerts in case the wearer goes outside of those zones. The tracker updates its information every 30 seconds, and you can monitor all these on your smartphone via its app or a desktop or laptop via its website.

    The Qbit is also one of the few devices in the market that offer live audio monitoring, or what they call the “listening in mode.” Through this feature, you can hear everything that’s happening around the wearer. All you need to do to activate this is to send the device a command via the app. You will then be connected instantly and you will get to listen in on the wearer’s situation. This helps create a more secure situation for the wearer. Also, it provides a two-way calling option so you and your loved one are able to contact each other in times of emergencies.

    But there are downsides to everything, and one of the downsides of this device is its high monthly service fees. Another thing is that it can only work in the US, Canada, and Mexico areas. This will get to be a problem in times when your family wants to travel outside of these countries.

  10. 10.Spytec GL300 Tracker

    Price: $49.95
    • Real-time tracking via phone and email alerts and website
    • History reports for up to a year
    • Limited 2G network
    • Very high monthly service fees

    The Spytec GL300 tracker claims to offer the best that technology has to offer when it comes to tracking people in real time. Let’s find out whether those claims hold any truth, shall we?

    At almost 3 ounces, it is quite a bulky device when compared to the many other lighter devices out there, but it is still compact enough that bringing it along anywhere would not bode a problem. It provides real-time tracking so you are always updated on the whereabouts and activities of your loved ones as they happen. This device also stores activity and location records for up to a whole year, in case something happens and you want to track down what happened on certain days. While it doesn’t have an app, you can still access the device’s information through the Internet via its website and through phone and email alerts so you won’t miss anything of importance.

    Despite these advantages, a clear downside to this device is its limited 2G network capabilities, which would definitely make it slower in connection compared to its 3G rivals. This and the fact that it has very high monthly service fees will probably make you want to reconsider getting it.

  11. 11.Pod 3

    Price: $129.00
    • Replaceable batteries
    • Plenty of connectivity with GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi
    • Offers both 2G and 3G
    • Real-time tracking through an app
    • Meant only for pets
    • Bulky and oddly shaped
    • Pricey cellular data subscription
    • Relatively high monthly service fees

    Some of the devices on this list were not created for the purpose of the elderly; for instance, some of them were created for children. However, their features have been so designed that they can also be used by other people aside from kids. Let’s find out if the Pod 3, which was originally created for pets, can do the same.

    The Pod 3 boasts GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity along with both 2G and 3G networks; this feature alone ensures that you will get extremely accurate updates with regard to the location and activities of your loved one. You can monitor all this information in real-time through its well-designed app. This device also holds the distinction of having replaceable batteries, which can be helpful in addition to its relatively decent battery life of 5 days.

    Like other devices, the Pod 3 also has its disadvantages. The most obvious one might be its bulky size and odd shape. However, it might still be compact enough for anyone to easily bring it along. Its most significant downside for any user might still be its pricey cellular data subscription and relatively high monthly service fees.