Best Drone Trackers You Can Buy Today: Reviews, Comparisons, Pros & Cons

Drone technology is something that has taken the world by storm in recent years. Proof of this is the significant increase in drone sales in the market. More and more people are getting into this technology, and they are doing so for various reasons. For instance, you might be a travel vlogger, and shooting your trips with your drone can help you connect better to your audience. Or you might be a movie or TV production company, and shooting your locations with drones can help enhance the quality of your show or film. Simply put, the drone market has seen a lot of interest from both businesses and ordinary folks alike.

When buying drones, you don’t just stop at acquiring the gadgets alone. There are also a variety of accessories you must also get along with the drone itself. The most important of these accessories is a tracker.

If you’re a drone owner already, then you must already know from experience that a lost drone is one of the worst things that can happen to someone like you. There are many reasons why your drone can go missing. It can suffer interference from other devices. It can be affected by weather elements. It can lose its signal. Or it can simply be taken away by another person. If this happens and your drone has no tracker installed on it, then you are bound to comb through the entire landscape just so you can find it. How tedious, right? And good luck finding your drone in the midst of a forest in case you were shooting in such a secluded area.

If you don’t want to deal with the stress of losing your drone, a tracker should be the first thing that you should think of acquiring along with your drone. A tracker allows you to pinpoint the exact location of your drone should you ever lose it. In turn, this makes it easier for you to retrieve it. Although some companies already equip their drones with trackers, these devices might not have the right specs that you were looking for. This is why it is much better to shop on your own for the right one. Here then is a list of top quality drone trackers that will suit your needs.

Product Image
Device price
Yearly plan
Total cost monthly after 3 years
GPS Tracking
Works worldwide
Bluetooth tracking
WiFi tracking
Average Battery life
5 days
1.4 oz
7 days
2.99 oz
10 days
0.5 oz
1 year
0.3 oz
powered directly by your drone’s battery
1.09 oz
3 days
1.1 oz
2 days
1.23 oz
✓ (additional fees)
10 days
16.8 oz
2 day
0.92 oz
10 days
2.3 oz
7 days
2.24 oz
3 days
1.1 oz
1 day
2.2 oz

What are the best drone trackers available right now?

  • Real-time tracking
  • Long battery life
  • History reports
Price: $198.00 1 year service cost: $0 Included 3 years service cost: $0 Included Total cost after 36 months (including device): $8.88 monthly Summary: Overall best value and device Buy now Read our review
  • Real-time tracking
  • No worldwide service
  • Limited 2G network
Price: $95.00 1 year service cost: $60.00 3 years service cost: $180.0 Total cost after 36 months (including device): $7.63 monthly Summary: It is only a 2G device and will not work in most areas. Buy now Read our review
  • No monthly fees
  • The range is only 2 miles
  • Not a real GPS tracker
Price: $234.95 1 year service cost: $0.00 3 years service cost: $0.00 Total cost after 36 months (including device): $6.52 monthly Summary: IT DOES NOT use GPS or GSM; it only uses RF. Buy Now Read our review
  • Works with RF not GPS
  • Low battery life
  • Range of up to 122 m / 400 feet
Price:$80.93 1 year service cost: $0.00 3 years service cost: $0.00 Total cost after 36 months (including device) $2.25 monthly Summary: Loc8tor Lite has a typical range of up to 122 m / 400 feet; not a real GPS tracker. Buy now Read our review
  • Real-time tracking 3G network
  • Requires installation on drone (soldering)
  • Must buy additional wiring for installing
Price: 189.99 1 year service cost: $120–240 3 years service cost: $360–720 Total cost after 36 months (including device): $15.27–25.27 monthly Summary: You need a plan with a phone carrier. Tracker does not come with a SIM card. Changes depending on how much flight data you want. Buy Now Read our review
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Meant for pets but bulky
  • Oddly shaped
Price:$129.00 1 year service cost: $107.40 3 Years service cost: $322.20 Total cost after 36 months (including device): $12.5 monthly Summary: It has an odd shape for a tracker and is really meant for pets but is bulky. Buy Now Read our review
  • Real-time tracking
  • History reports
  • No magnetic attachment
Price: $99.00 1 year service cost: $149.99 3 years service cost: $449.97 Total cost after 36 months (including device): $15.24 monthly Summary: No magnet, activation fee Buy Now Read our review
  • Long battery life
  • Additional fees for intemational tracking
  • Overpriced for same features
Price:$1299 1 year service cost: $269.49 3 years service cost: $808.38 Total cost after 36 months (including device): $30.76 monthly Summary: It comes with a good battery but pricey for same tracking capability. Buy Now Read our review
  • 3G network
  • Poor battery life
  • Data plan required
Price: $149 1 year service cost: $72.00 3 years service cost: $216.00 Total cost after 36 months (including device): $10.13 monthly Summary: Battery life is poor for the size of the tracker. Buy now Read our review
  • Real-time tracking
  • Bulky device
  • No magnet or attachments
Price: $109.9 1 year service cost: $228 3 years service cost: $684.00 Total cost after 36 months (including device): $22.05 monthly Summary: Device is bulky; no attachments included. Buy now Read our review
  • Works with 4G
  • Real-time tracking
  • Does not work in every country
Price: $49.95 1 year service cost: $300 3 years service cost: $900.00 Total cost after 36 months (including device): $26.38 monthly Summary: Not ideal for international travel; some countries do not have a strong 4G network yet. Buy Now Read our review
  • Small device
  • Audio listening
  • Only works in North America
Price: $44.95 1 year service cost: $179.40 3 years service cost: $538.20 Total cost after 36 months (including device): $16.19 monthly Summary: Device only works in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Buy now Read our review
  • 2G only
  • Bulky
  • High service fee
Price: $99 1 year service cost: 399.96 3 years service cost: $1,199.88 Total cost after 36 months (including device): $36.08 monthly Summary: Device is expensive and is just not up to par with others on the market. Buy now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1.Trackimo 3G Universal Tracker

    Price: $198.00
    • Free the first year, $5 a month afterward
    • Works Worldwide
    • Small and Lightweight
    • GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi tracking
    • Up to 5 years of tracking history
    • So light you might not even feel it in your pocket

    Trackimo's 3G GPS tracker takes about three minutes to install, is lightweight, and is also universal, meaning it’ll work on any of your sUAS models and can easily be swapped from system to system. Perhaps the only brand that utilizes 4 different tracking technologies, Trackimo uses GPS, GSM, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth to locate anything worldwide, indoor or outdoor.

    With its ceramic antennas, robust water-resistant hardware, and advanced software, the device can track with increased accuracy while only using half the battery, compared to other tracking devices. To further preserve power, it utilizes a motion-activated sensor, automatically going to sleep whenever the device stops moving and waking up again once it has moved. Because of this, Trackimo’s drone tracker battery can last from two weeks up to a whole month in battery save mode on a single charge.

    Trackimo’s app is also known to be the best of any of the GPS trackers; it’s extremely easy to create geofences, check location history, adjust settings, and toggle alerts. It also has servers that utilize sophisticated algorithms, data communications, and cellular network signaling to manage the device and dispatch information to systems and apps using minimal data bandwidth. Plus, the 3G coverage enables you to keep track of your drone worldwide at unlimited distances. This is a steep advantage over other drone tracking systems with 2G or Bluetooth coverage that only work at limited distances and in select locations.

    The drone tracker comes with a drone attachment kit, which includes a special, industrial grade hook and loop strap. It will fit 95 percent of all drone types and weighs only 3 grams, compared to the other 30–40 gram plastic mounts in the market. Trackimo’s drone attachment kit is far less likely to detach in case of collision or hard landing as it creates less air resistance than plastic mounts. Due to its weight, the Trackimo kit has little to no effect on the balance and stability of your drone. Simply mount your Trackimo GPS tracker and drone kit to your drone and see its location information online or in the app. Aside from this, you get a silicone case that makes Trackimo water-resistant, a lanyard, an optional Velcro backing, a magnetic attachment, and a magnetized mini screwdriver to help you switch those out.

    Overall, Trackimo easily outperforms several other GPS trackers that cost up to two or three times as much, being free to use for the first 12 months and only $5/month after that, making it the most cost-effective way to track your prized drone in the event of a flyaway.

  2. 2. FindtheDrone

    Price: $95.00
    • real-time tracking
    • affordable price
    • no worldwide service
    • 2G network only
    • heavy

    FindtheDrone is an Android/iOS app-controlled device that works with the 2G T-Mobile service, arriving with a full-featured phone number that is activated for the area code of your residence. Like Trackimo, it has a monthly fee of only $5, but you might only want to consider FindtheDrone if you want a tracker for your quadcopter within the US, which is something to think about if you travel overseas with your drone. The product is simple to use and ready to go right out of the box. It’s set up so that it can call you and you can call it. FindtheDrone can text you its exact location shown via Google Maps.

    You can call for status updates by sending a text request to the device during flights. The tracker then informs you of the current signal strength and battery life of the device, among other things.

    The gadget looks quite sturdy, but it’s not waterproof. It’s also probably the heaviest of all drone trackers, weighing at 3.04 ounces. For $5 a month, FindtheDrone only works in the T-Mobile 2G network area, which is bad news for those living in locations where 2G will soon be phased out completely. So if you’re looking for a tracker you can use for the long term, this might not be it.

    As the name suggests, FindtheDrone is specifically designed to enable you to communicate with your UAV directly. But many of the tracking devices in this list are multipurpose locators that can be used on other things aside from RC-controlled aircraft without compromising their functionality. If you’re looking for a 3G GPS tracker with optimal features at $5 a month, Trackimo still tops the list.

    In terms of basic functionality and battery life, Spy Tec is a good option. But if you just search the market for other trackers, there are a number out there with more features and a more attractive service plan pricing.

  3. 3. Marco Polo advanced RC recovery system

    Price: $234.95
    • no monthly fees
    • long battery life
    • lightweight
    • no worldwide service
    • works only within a 2-mile radius
    • expensive

    Unlike most of the trackers in this list, Marco Polo uses radio frequency (RF) rather than GPS. That doesn’t make it a bad drone tracker, though. There are some definite benefits to that. There are no monthly fees as it doesn’t need a GPS reception and paid cellular services. The kit includes a crush-resistant case, IP67 waterproof tag transceiver, and a versatile mounting system. The device is easy to attach to any drone. And the range is an impressive 2 miles, which is actually adequate in most cases (unless your drone is stolen).

    Unlike most GPS drone trackers, you won't be using your PC or smartphones to monitor your device's location. The tag transceiver comes with a handheld locator that will immediately search for the tag transceiver when setting into track mode. The handheld locator uses Doppler automatic direction finding. When you activate the tracking mode on the detector, the screen will direct you with arrows to the location of the drone tracker. The handheld detector is quite bulky, but the tracker itself weighs only 0.3 pounds.

    Due to its weight (almost a lack thereof), it has a long battery life, giving you up to a maximum of 10 days just to locate the model you want to find. Because the Marco Polo tracker doesn’t transmit any RF energy, it also won’t interfere with onboard radio systems until it is activated by the ground handheld locator. You can place the tracker into search mode in the event of a long-range flyaway. Just head off in the crash site’s general direction. When it comes to performing a grid search, this locator searches every inch of the surrounding area whenever you move. It guides you per inch to the exact and precise location. You can add up to 2 extra tag transceivers at any time. Marco Polo comes with its own kit of everything needed to effectively track a drone even in the remotest of areas. It has real-time distance and instant direction feedback. If you fly your drone often in remote areas without GSM infrastructure, this device is the best drone tracker for you.

    The initial cost of the Marco Polo advanced RC recovery system is quite high ($235) compared to most GPS trackers. However, since there are no contracts or monthly fees, it can be an excellent long-term investment.

  4. 4. Loc8or Lite

    Price: $80.93
    • no monthly fees
    • lightweight
    • no worldwide service
    • works only within a 400-feet radius
    • poor battery life

    Loc8or Lite can help you find missing items such as phones, keys, pets, or even kids by leading you to your belongings. Drones are definitely not on that list, although some drone users like to think so because of its size and weight.

    This credit card–sized handset has an estimated measurement of 11 x 5.5 x 1.5 cm. A mini homing tag measures 3.5 x 1.95 x 0.85 centimeters. This device can help you find your things easily and quickly even if you cannot remember where you left them. It is easy to use with less hassle and stress.

    It’s another radio frequency tracking device, but it’s not as powerful as Marco Polo. The handset provides you reliable audio and visual cues, leading you straight to what you are exactly looking for. With the LEDs present on the handheld unit, Loc8or Lite can lead you up to 4 registered homing tags. After activating the attached beacon, you will hear the chirping sound and see flashes. The Loc8tor takes a moment to connect before giving you feedback about not only the distance from your item, but also its direction. Point towards the item and there is a noticeable difference in tone and indicator lights than when you are pointing away from it.

    Each purchase includes adhesive squares, 2 mini homing tags, and 2 key ring loops. These homing tags are powered by a heavy-duty Lithium cell 3v battery that can last up to 7 months in passive mode. In terms of pinpointing location, Loc8or has a 1-inch accuracy that other tracking devices cannot reach.

    Since it does not rely on GPS or GSM to track objects, the Loc8tor also does not require a monthly cellular plan to work, similar to Marco Polo. On the other hand, the Loc8tor costs only about a third ($80) of Marco Polo’s price, but it does have a far shorter range; it works only within a 400-feet radius through walls and doors. Despite that, it boasts a heavy-duty battery that can last up to 7 months in idle mode.

  5. 5. Flytrex Live 3G

    Price: $189.99
    • lightweight
    • social networking capabilities
    • expensive
    • a hassle to set up
    • battery is powered by your drone’s
    • no SIM card included
    • needs to be soldered to some models
    • needs your own phone plan carrier

    The Flytrex Live 3G is a lightweight small black box measuring roughly two inches around and a half-inch thick. It weighs just over one ounce. Each device includes an installation cable (from box to drone), a pressure sensor, a USB port, a GPS data port, hardwired power leads, an LED status indicator, and a slot for inserting a SIM card.

    Setting up the Flytrex Live takes so long. It takes about 30 minutes or more to install the box onto your drone. The screws are small, and most of your time will be spent unscrewing the outer shell of the quadcopter in order to connect the box. Once the cables are connected, mount the Flytrex box to the drone’s chassis with the self-stick pads (included). Flytrex Live has an LED indicator light located on the bottom side. Mounting the box on the underside of the quadcopter will allow you to see the light at all times so you know that it’s activated. Depending on the model quadcopter you have, be aware that some soldering will need to be done on certain models. There are models that allow for solderless plug-and-play installation of the Flytrex box though.

    After installation, you will have to register your device online so that it is linked to your account. On the back side of the unit, there is a QR code, which is unique to the particular unit that you have. Find a QR code reader for your phone and scan it.

    Another huge downside to this tracker is that you’ll have to provide your own SIM card, which is what you need to do after registration. Gladly, Flytrex Live 3G generates very little data traffic while you fly. If you fly your drone all the time, which not many of us get to do, Flytrex Live would still only use up around 100 megabytes of traffic per month.

    Flights are automatically logged to your personal Flytrex profile. Flytrex makes the drone tracking game different by enabling you to analyze flights and personal records, complete challenges, compete with pilots worldwide, and more. You can see the statistics of each flight and see flight times, distances, and how you have improved over a certain period. With the personal Live Flight Channel, your flight can be shared in real time. The flight statistics, telemetry, and path using Google Maps can be posted to your channel for your friends and other pilots to view. Your Flytrex account can be synced to your other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. To make the experience even more enjoyable, you can also challenge other pilots in competitions of speed, distance, acrobatics, and other categories. When you obtain various achievements, you can earn badges. Badges are won for speed, ascent, world travel, and more. Since your flight can be broadcasted live, everyone can watch as you earn badge after badge.

    If you’re a drone racer or hobbyist, Flytrex Live is fo you. If you’re a photographer, cinematographer, or traveler, then maybe not.

  6. 7. SCOUT GPS Tracker

    Price: $99.00
    • durable
    • water-resistant
    • GPS, GSM, Bluetooth
    • works worldwide
    • poor battery life

    The Scout Universal GPS Tracker is a device that combines GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, vibration sensing, and accelerometer technologies. Although a general-purpose device, the Scout is suitable as a drone tracker due to its low weight of 24 grams. It comes with a universal hardwire kit.

    SCOUT offers real-time tracking services all over the world with the help of a free app that provides a precise real-time location. It comes with ample battery capacity that allows several weeks of usage in the sleep mode, and the supplied adapter ensures that the tracker stays charged up as it goes in sleep mode when not in use to conserve power.

    As with other drone trackers, you can set geofences in the app to alert you in case your drone leaves the geofence. But unique to SCOUT, its built-in vibration sensor will also come in handy when that happens as the app will notify you instantly.

    Being mainly an ATV tracker, SCOUT is considerably durable, specifically designed to withstand the mud and water that most ATVs and motorcycles encounter, handling all the bumps you throw at it. So flying your drone in the rain means nothing to the SCOUT.

    Sadly, its battery lasts only three days with continuous usage. To prolong battery life, opt for the battery save mode, which, however, makes its tracking capabilities less accurate. Since it's primarily designed for vehicles, the SCOUT can be hardwired in less than 10 minutes. SCOUT's package brings you various attachment accessories to choose from, a charging adapter, a USB cable, and a universal hardwire kit.

  7. 8.SilverCloud Overdrive

    Price: $1299
    • long battery life
    • Easy to set up
    • additional fees
    • overpriced for same features
    • costly subscription
    • heaviest tracker on the list

    Probably one of the most expensive in the list, the SilverCloud Overdrive can give you tracking updates for your drone for as quick as 3 seconds but for a hefty price. Aside from the device and the plans’ pricing, LandAirSea requires an activation fee of $30, additional fees for international tracking, and $40 if you need a reactivation due to a canceled or deactivated data plan. This little but heavy device (weighs 16.8 oz) can be secured to your drone with LandAirSea’s separate magnet mount kit, worth another $60. The kit gives the GPS tracker a waterproof feature so that it is not damaged by various weather conditions.

    Dizzying expenses aside, the Overdrive is able to provide accurate vehicle location within 2.5 meters. This surveillance tracking equipment is also completely user-friendly and is ready to use in just minutes. Multiple drones can be tracked without having to download separate software programs. Additionally, the maps are available in both 2D and 3D views to provide you with a more in-depth look at the surrounding area. This can be especially helpful in determining where the vehicle is located and where it may be heading.

    The SilverCloud Overdrive’s greatest strength lies in its powerful battery (good for 30 days) and unlimited historical playback. With more power than other models and no need for additional cases or extended battery packs, the Overdrive is the clear choice only when battery life is the most significant concern.

  8. 9.Trax 3G

    Price: $149
    • affordable subscription
    • Includes Bluetooth tracking
    • Lightweight
    • Poor Battery Life
    • no service included in purchase
    • no drone attachment accessory

    Trax is small, lightweight, and comes with two silicone cases. Both cases do not offer drone attachment accessories, however. The device itself is 0.92 ounces alone, and only 1.5 ounces when in a case, so it won’t hinder your drone’s stability when in the air.

    Trax’s companion app is basic by design and looks eerily similar to Apple’s Maps interface, with a few additional Trax features placed on top. What makes it stand out among the other apps out there is the augmented reality feature, which graphically indicates the direction in which the tracker is located and how far away it is, in real time.

    Trax’s package only includes an attachment case with a key ring, suggesting that it’s best used for kids, not drones. Confusingly, it lacks a distress button, a very basic necessity in tracking children.

    Where Trax falls short the most is its battery life. The manufacturers themselves claim that the device only lasts for a good 72 hours of use, but constant use seemed to bring it down closer to 24 hours or less. Despite this, Trax has all the basic functionalities you’d need on a tracker for an affordable price—coming in second in our list in terms of monthly cost.

  9. 10.Americaloc GL300W

    Price: $109.9
    • works worldwide
    • Long battery life
    • No additional cost for more frequent data updates
    • Sensitive to obstacles (won’t work well)
    • Bugs in website
    • clunky app

    Americaloc’s tracker is a GL300W; basically it’s like Spytec’s and Amcrest’s GL300, but it supports both 2G and 3G networks and offers an even longer battery life. What makes Americaloc’s GL300W even more special is that it comes with multicarrier service plans, which means it uses various signals from a variety of mobile carriers to transmit locations, covering a wider range of locations. So unlike other trackers that only use one carrier service, Americaloc utilizes all of them to pinpoint location better. This is especially useful if you travel to unfamiliar places with your drone.

    Aside from that, while Amcrest offers only sixty days of tracking history, Americaloc provides you up to a year. Additionally, with a purchase of this GPS tracker, you get two extra months free when you buy their service plan, which comes at a low monthly cost and allows you to cancel at any time without an auto renewal. Americaloc also doesn't charge you for an increase in interval updates: "Need updates every 30 or 10 seconds? Sure, just email Americaloc support. Same price. Others charge you for that. We don’t."

    Because of the GL300W improved features, Americaloc sells the device for $110, but its monthly subscriptions is nowhere higher than the GL300’s. At $25 a month or even less, you can enjoy all these benefits without contracts, activation fees, or cancellation fees. The only flaws perhaps are the brand’s annoying bugs on the website and the tracker’s sensitivity to common obstacles like roofs, metal materials, and even posts. If your location is filled with these rather common obstacles, the device might not work excellently. That means flying in urban areas might deem this tracker unhelpful. Data could also get lost once these obstacles are present, despite excellent connection quality. The app might be a bit clunky to use as well. For drone pilots, you’ll have to buy an attachment accessory on your own to mount this tracker, and it might be a bit bulky.

  10. 11. PrimeTracking 4G LTE

    Price: $49.95
    • Long battery life
    • supports 4G
    • updates every 10 seconds
    • affordable for a 4G device
    • no Wi-Fi and Bluetooth tracking
    • not all countries and localities have 4G
    • no attachment accessory
    • also sensitive to urban obstacles

    If not for the absence of the manufacturer’s logo, PrimeTracking’s tracker is entirely similar-looking to Americaloc’s GL300W. However, PrimeTracking’s newly released device utilizes a 4G LTE network, not Americaloc’s 2G and 3G. That means PrimeTracking can give you updates about your drone every 10 seconds, whichever data plan you choose. The standard plan is priced at $25 a month, which isn’t bad considering that there are 3G GPS trackers that cost as much as or way more than this.

    PrimeTracking so far impresses its users as much as Americaloc does, especially due to the “100% risk-free purchase” they guarantee to every customer. They do not charge for activation or cancellation either. However, since it’s almost exactly identical with the Americaloc GL300W, there are still, although fairly scarce, complaints about inaccuracy due to certain obstacles in a city and the glaring lack of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth tracking. International tracking is also relative as some countries certainly do not have 4G, despite the brand’s claims of being able to track anyone or anything from anywhere in the world. You might want to just use this tracker if you’re flying your drone in open spaces back at home. Should you wish to travel with it, make sure the area you’re visiting supports 4G.

    PrimeTracking’s device costs only $50, which is actually as affordable as Amcrest’s 2G device. In a nutshell, PrimeTracking’s 4G LTE tracker is a good buy if you really need tracking updates as quick as 10 seconds.