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Promo Ends In:


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Trackimo 3G Drone Tracker


13998   SAVE $160 

Includes Free GPS service for the first year – Only $5 per month after the first 12 months, the lowest monthly service cost of any tracking device worldwide.

What’s in the box:

1 Trackimo GPS drone tracking device
1 Worldwide SIM Card
1 Micro USB charging cable
2 Battery doors, one of which has a belt clip
1 Battery
Silicone case
Magnetic attachment
Trackimo universal drone attachment kit

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Trackimo Relies on a Powerful Military-Grade Technology

Trackimo is recognized worldwide for its superior performence. Trackimo is not just a device, behind it there is a comprehensive platform: Servers infrastructure, managed GSM global data network, location data protocols and planted communication algorithms enabling accuracy & minimal battery drain.

Our unique features ensure that your
drone is protected

Order Today & Save $160
Trackimo 3G Drone Tracker
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1 Yr Warranty
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