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Trackimo Tracking Device

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Trackimo’s web and smartphone-based App provides a single point of contact for activation, settings, and simultaneous tracking of multiple devices. Using Trackimo App is very simple, easy and user-friendly. Trackimo App is accessed either through your computer or through your smartphone. The application is available in the app store as well as in android version. Also it allows users to view and handle multiple devices on a single map.

Trackimo Tracking App
Trackimo App Overview

How TRACKIMO works:

How Trackimo Works

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Product Specifications:

Dimensions: 47 x 40 mm x 17 mm (L x W x H)
Weight: Approximately 42 g.
Active Battery time: 48-72 hours (depends on phone network and other conditions)
Standby time: 144 + hours (depends on phone network)
Warranty: 2 years
Water Resistant: Yes
USB Charger: Micro USB Volts 500 ma
Microphone: Yes
Accuracy: <5 meters with clear sky
Service Storage: Unlimited points capacity