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Here’s how our actual clients advocate Trackimo. Their comments inspire us all the more to provide the best fleet tracking system solutions.

Two years ago, we started using Trackimo for our vehicles and Plant machinery business. We’re happy to say, we’re very satisfied with the improvement that we’ve been experiencing. Trackimo fleet tracking solutions helped us reduce phone bills from calling our drivers for hourly updates on the deliveries as data can now be checked on the computer. With this, we are also able to provide to our customers updates of delivery times. Another major benefit we got from using trackers is we were able to save on our insurance costs. Thanks to Trackimo’s 24 hours text alert, it increase the security on our plant. Trackimo’s service is really impressive.

Steve Thompson,  Thompson Plant Ltd. , 16 March 2016

Trackimo Client 1

For a while, we used a tracking system from another provider. When we upgraded our fleet, we also switch to Trackimo, who offered us all that we needed and even gave us a few months of FREE trial. True enough, their device is easy to use and support real time tracking. Generated reports are accurate and we receive it through email on a daily basis. We are now truly in control of our fleet. Thanks to trackimo, we are able to save time and money.”

Alfred Westbay, All Star Car Rental,  11 June 2015

Trackimo Client 2

I am an owner of a carpet maintenance company. I make sure that I can deliver the service to all our clients in the city. For several weeks, I noticed that my employees labor expenses kept increasing but when I checked their output, nothing changed. That’s when I decided to use Trackimo fleet systems. Since then, our labor noticeably dropped to about 15% than the original. I can say, my men turned honest men after knowing their performance is being tracked regularly.

Virginia Williams, VanGo Carpet Cleaner, LLC, 03 December 2014

Trackimo Client 3

After installing GPS tracking on our fleet, we noticed how our vehicles passed the same road many times a day. So we devised delivery schedules for our drivers to avoid situations like this from happening again. Within just a few weeks, we saw an improvement on our fuel consumption. Not only that, our drivers were able to do more tasks as they have extra time. To sum things up, our profit jump high. We can say, we are a satisfied customer of Trackimo GPS tracking system.”

Trystan Anderson, Veleration, 21 January 2016

Trackimo Client 4

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