Calculate Return on Investment

(1) The standard value is based on the 2018 Gross Minimum Wage
(2) Prices are taken from globalpetrolprices
(3) Calculated based on the current campaign number including the line and VAT made with GSM Operators.
(*) The total working hours were 180 hours and the time spent in the vehicle was 4 hours per day.
(*) Urban / off-city average fuel consumption is taken as basis
Each of the following major advantages obtained from the Vehicle Tracking Systems are not considered in the above calculation:

* Prevention of any excessive payment due to miscalculation of overtimes,
* Fuel saving by preventing unnecessary operation of vehicles at idle,
* Reduction of any damage and breakdown related costs of vehicles through regular maintenance/repair checks,
* Reduction of tickets due to safer driving,
* Extra premium reduction offers by insurance companies for using vehicle tracking systems,
* Prevention of fuel stealing from the vehicles,
* Easy recovery of stolen vehicles in case of any motor vehicle theft,
* Prevention of costs related to improper use of vehicles,
* Reduction of fuel consumption by preventing speeding,
* Decrease in loss of life and property resulting from car crashes.