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Introducing Trackimo

The Trackimo is a compact, lightweight device with long-lasting battery life and worldwide service. Included accessories allow you to secure your Trackimo device to different objects including backpacks, cars, bikes and luggage. Designed for outdoor use, the Trackimo device also includes accessories for waterproofing. 

Using the Trackimo device is simple and friendly. After an initial charge, activation of your new device on the Trackimo website allows you to choose a service plan without any need to deal directly with separate service providers.

Now priced at $99.97 - Fully equipped Trackimo unit with 12 month activation

*Our monthly service rate is the lowest - only $5           *No Contract required






Get your kids a Trackimo! 1 Year global service for just $99.97

*No Contract Required         *US/CA Free Shipping          *30 Days return policy


Environmental Policy. Committed to help..

Trackimo is committed to the highest standards of environmental protection throughout all aspects of business operations, product development, and the manufacturing process. 


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