Safety and asset protection

For over a decade, we have been helping businesses keep track of what’s most important to them. We have embedded our technology into high-value industrial machinery, fleet management and logistics systems to drive efficiencies and delver vital peace of mind around asset management.

Companies around the globe trust Trackimo’s tech to deliver time and time again.

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Keep track of your most precious possessions.

People and guard tracking
Tracking people with Trackimo products and services does not necessarily mean spying on people. Our devices can be used for security purposes such as tracking children or monitoring the location of security guards on active duty in high stakes situations such as robbery or larceny.
Safeguarding enterprise equipment.
Trackimo is the world leader in GPS end-to-end tracking technology, and is on a mission to provide cutting-edge devices to ensure asset protection most for high-value goods and machinery. More than location tracking, Trackimo can help your business keep track of inventory levels of these assets at a given location and potentially reduce the risk of theft or loss of assets and contents.

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trackers sold in 2023 alone.

of satisfied clients across the globe.

Vehicle tracking
Monitoring the status of vehicles while they are on the road has never been easier with Trackimo offering 3G and 4G service coverage which means that the device works practically anywhere. If the vehicle is used for delivering goods, you can track its location and determine an estimated time of arrival to set client's expectation. With real-time monitoring, you can even plan the optimum route ultimate efficiency.
Supply chain and logistics
Often complex components will be shipped to assembly locations from different parts of the world. In car manufacturing for example, these expensive parts are shipped to the main automative company from different vendors, using a variety of modes of transport in an array of shipping and logistics containers. As a result of this complexity, tracking these myriad of comments presents a logistical headache. Being able to track the whereabouts of these elements gives peace of mind - that's where Trackimo can help.