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Use Cases

The community-powered GPS tracker for dogs

Tragically, over 10M pets go missing each year in the U.S. alone, but now YOU can be part of the solution. Meet Trackipet, the tracking device + community-powered FREE mobile app that is changing the world. Affordable and globally-available to everyone from pet-parents and neighbors to local pet stores and pet service providers, the passionate Trackipet community mobilizes in seconds and offers 24/7 pinpoint accuracy should the unthinkable happen when a pet gets lost.

When pets go missing and every second counts, Trackipet helps keep more pets safe while creating new revenue opportunities for you and your business. Trackipet’s community-driven mission can make all the difference.

Join us!

Simple set-up

Download the free Trackipet App from the Apple or google play app store.

Charge the device for 2 hours before use.

Register your device and select your data plan/ subscription package.

Fit the device to your dog.

Take the device outdoors and start tracking.

enjoy up to 5 days of battery life


Live GPS tracking – Ability to track your dog at any time.

4G/LTE with fallback to 3G/2G networks – Secure and reliable network usage.

Speed monitoring – Excellent feature to track the movement of your pet.

Geo fencing alarms – Keeping track of if your pet strays from a given area.

USB magnetic charger – To conveniently and securely keep your Trackipet charged.

Waterproof – For peace of mind during wet weather conditions.

Create your own communities and mobilise people close by should your dog go missing to help get them home fast.


Monitor the location of your car or boat 24/7, watch history, set custom alerts.


easily install the 12/24V converter or simply plug the cable into a spare USB port

power the activated tracker

for optimal performance use the OBDII car dongle (coming soon)

24/7 monitor the whereabouts of your car/boat

create custom alerts: geofence, speed alert, moving alert

use SOS button to inform those you trust

utilize the full power of Trackimo mobile and web apps


monitor your current and historical car/boat location anywhere in the world

set instant moving alert to be aware if car is stolen/towed away

set geofence zones to get alerted upon arrival/departure

log the driving speed and set instant speed limit alerts

set the SOS-button alert to notify your selected contacts and send them your location in distress

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Key Benefits

Profit from both device and
subscription sales
Decrease seller involvement with
plug&play products
Upsell peripherals, accessories and
subscription plans
Serve both consumers and SMEs
Integrate through open API with third-
party software
Enjoy flexible pricing policy, special
offers and regular product updates

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Simple set up

All devices come instantly operational out-of-the box:
1. Unbox
2. Activate device with the mobile app
3. Start tracking

Creating bespoke solutions for your business

For simple use cases for small and medium enterprises, the basic features of Trackimo’s Universal and Tracki Pro devices can provide enhanced visibility of your mobile assets, including real-time tracking, geo-fences, and accident alerts.
For extended capabilities, Trackimo Fleet pairs our GPS trackers with Gurtam’s Wialon platform and additional sensors, to monitor fuel level, temperature and humidity, driver behavior, and provide other KPI required by fleet managers.