Cargo and shipping

More than just a tool for location services and navigation, Trackimo devices and technology allow you to keep track of all your cargo and shipments in real-time anywhere in the world. Avoid delivery mishaps and delays and the fear of losing track of important component shipments by partnering with us to build a cost-effective cargo and shipping management system.

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Keep track of your most precious possessions.

High value heavy machinery
To take a load of your shoulders, Trackimo's products are lightweight yet durable enough to withstand heavy-duty use. The tracking devices can be discretely attached to cargo and trucks for pinpoint-accurate location tracking. Due to their small size, the devices can be attached to individual pieces of equipment inside the trailer to help with precise inventory tracking.
Musical instruments and antiquities
Rare, expensive, fragile and often steeped in sentimental value and historical importance, musical instruments, antiquities and heirlooms are amongst the most prized possessions on the planet so handling them with care and knowing their whereabouts is essential. Trackimo's devices and technology allowed you to chart the location of your most valuable items in real time, anywhere in the road, either on each individual item or by the container.

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Trackers sold in 2023 alone.



Our support and tech teams work with you on your timezone.

Trackers sold in 2023 alone.

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