About us

Welcome to Trackimo, home of the world's best selling safety and location products.

Using cutting edge technologies, combining GPS, WiFi, BLE, GSM, LTE and narrowband IOT connectivity with powerful mobile applications to make end to end tracking technology accessible to everyone in the world so they can keep track of their most precious possessions.

For over a decade Trackimo has led the way in tracking tech and is an accredited supplier to leading brands such as Vodafone, Leica, Sumitomo and other telecom and industrial clients.

Our world is becoming increasingly connected – bikes, industrial tools, containers, equipment, parcels – you name it! Trackimo’s enterprise products provide a customizable out-of-the-box solution to quickly and simply make any asset you have out there – whether outdoors or indoors – trackable and connected.

General Features

Live position tracking: cell network (low precision), GPS (precision up to 5m, outdoor only), WiFi (indoor any location, no beacons required). Geofencing, alerts.

Environment sensors: from accelerometer and pressure to light and gas detectors.

Automated notifications, SOS, two-way communication (optional).

Transmitting telemetry and managing your asset.

Vast features to remotely observe, control and manage the device.

Global sim with 2G/3G/LTE/Cat-M1, maximizing uptime and range.

Low data usage, ensuring healthy battery life and connectivity even with low signal.


The pricing model for enterprise clients includes one-off device price and subscription charge, covering use of Trackimo global platform, mobile services and continuous support. Trackimo's own R&D centre provides quick, smooth and economical customizations and integrations.

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Keep your valuables and loved ones safe.

Device specifications

Our devices come in several form-factors which, although having distinguishing features each, still share most of sensors, connectivity capabilities and firmware/software options to provide maximum all-round experience and applicability.