Container Shipments

There are 17 million cargo containers in the world, spending on average 30 days port-to-port.
Would you like to continuously know what is happening with your container out there?
– Now easy with TrackiPro


Every year thousands of containers around the globe facing shipment problems for sensitive products, for example, flowers.
For such critical applications, (GDP) good distribution practices e.g. in pharmaceuticals, require continuous logging, which is just a post-control mechanism, when all shipment might be at risk, with no instant alert capability if something has gone wrong.


Trackimo and the IoT arm of one of the largest European telecom providers have solved this problem by developing a heavy-duty industrial device that analyzes situation inside of container through numerous sensors.


Trackimo developed a heavy-duty industrial device, with an extended rechargeable battery (10 Ah, up to 2 years of operation) and additional humidity and temperature control sensors. An in-built pressure sensor ensures automated wireless on-off for airborne applications. Optional light and proximity sensors trigger door opening/detachment alarms if required. Strong magnets and a number of other fitting mechanisms ensure firm fixing.


Trackimo’s platform and applications provide 24/7 monitoring of the state and management of the device, where any logistics platform may be cross-connected through open API. The pre-installed sim card ensures true global connectivity and the device firmware provides logging of sensor and positioning data even when there is no network coverage.