Typhoon H Drone

Yuneec Typhoon H Drone Flight time

Yuneec Typhoon H’s flight capability is superior, even though its actual flight time is a few minutes less than the promised 25 minutes per flight. Just like its peers, this one is a smart drone. If you take it to the air, the engine’s humming is barely noticeable. Yuneec Typhoon H drone is a silent flyer and it quickly responds to controls too! For novice pilots, it’s recommended to fly using the Smart mode. This mode has geo-fencing feature, so the drone will only fly within 300 feet from the pilot, which is really farther than you think. This way, the pilot can easily track the drone. A seasoned pilot may use the Angle mode. In this mode, the pilot can go as high as 400 ft.

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Yuneec's Typhoon H Drone

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Smart Features

Among Yuneec Typhon H’s many great features is having a retractable gear. Once the drone is launched, you’ll find a switch on the remote. If you flip it, the landing gear will pull up, giving the camera full access to the view around without any obstruction (DJI Phantom’s landing gears are fixed).

The Advanced mode allows you to have access to several amazing flight and image capture features. The Follow Me/ Watch Me mode is also a convenient feature particularly when making action video. In Follow Me, the drone will follow the pilot anywhere, while in Watch Me, the camera will point at the pilot at all times. All those amazing features plus the drone’s 43 mph movement. With this, you will have no problem tracking a car racer, speedboat driver, or a motocross rider. In the Orbit Me mode, even if the drone is circling around you, the camera will stay focused on you.

If you fancy a selfie shot, activate the Journey mode and the Typhoon H will rise up to 150 feet, then take your aerial selfie. The curve cable cam allows user to program drone coordinates and for the user to autonomously control the camera view.

Yuneec Typhoon H drone also has quite good collision avoidance programming. If you go near the drone, it will stay away from you—but not the other way around. Meaning, if you send the drone toward you, you should be the one to back away from it because it seems like it can’t see you. Fortunately, the company is planning to use Intel’s RealSense technology in the future version of this drone to greatly improve the Typhoon H’s obstacle avoidance capability.

Though this particular Yuneec model has a tendency to wander around, but for its price, Yuneec Typhoon H drone surpasses its biggest drone competitors (Phantom 4 and 3DR Solo).


Included in the Yuneec Typhoon H drone package is a superb gimbal and 12.4 MP camera that can film 4K videos, JPEGs, and RAW stills, which you can save to the micro SD card inside the camera. While taking shots, you can view live feed of your captures on the drone’s 7-inch screen. Controls for these various functionality are a bit complicated. Yuneec will have to find a way to simplify this in their future version of this drone.

Typhoon H Camera

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Although the images and video captures look good, there’s still room for improvement as you will find little distortion in the images and bowing at the outlines of the lens. Furthermore, the camera can’t handle the direct glare of the sun.

Despite the drawbacks, Yuneec Typhoon H drone is really a fine drone, a cheaper one compared to its DJI competitor but faster and quieter. Its full 360-degree rotation camera and retractable landing gear are just too awesome for you to say no.

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