The US Might Be Losing Large from Not Going into Drone Markets

China is presently having some interesting plans and practices on ground concerning the drone technology.

Beijing, for example, has for the last couple of years seen to it that a lot of drones are sold out with a significantly rising effect and general approval to a lot of developing nations, a practice which it had filed under its defensive industrial outreach to the developing nations of the world.

In similar terms, China considers this a major component of this outreach. The developing countries that China so wishes to support are also in favor of this development with open hands as nations all over Africa and in the Middle Eastern region of the world have started to purchase a lot of military drones from China, going on to use such devices for gathering intelligence through surveillance and boosting security.

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Drone Market

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The Drone Market

As much as China is making waves and a lot of success in its drone exportation and sales program, the United States of America is found wanting in the sense that they do not participate in this kind of drone export and foreign exchange trade. This is, in large part, thanks to the federal government’s stand, which is very strict as regards the export of drones. This has also succeeded in putting the United States on a low ladder in terms of drone sales, making them no more than a marginal player in the fast-growing drone markets all over the world.

Drone Sales

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The drone market all over the world is presently enjoying huge success with predictions favoring even more rise after indicating that over the span of the next decade, the sales of drones all over the world are expected to be twice its present status, meaning an estimation of about $10 million dollars of foreign exchanges attributed to trading in drones alone by the year 2024.

Significantly, most of this money would most likely be realized from areas of the world such as the Middle East and Africa where there are rampant cases of terrorism and governments wishing to curb the excesses of these terrorists within their borders.

Unfortunately for the United States, though, if they do not relax their excessive rules that impose strict laws on the export of drones, they might miss out on this largely profitable weapons market and not be a force to be reckoned with anymore when it comes to weapons demands. While it is no news that America probably has the best drone technology on the planet, bureaucratic pit stops would ultimately cost the Ministry of Defence some billions of dollars.

Looking closely at these facts, it would be noticed that although the US has been involved in military arms dealing with old NATO allies such as Britain and France in the past, only drones sold to Britain are considered armed and none have been sold to any other part of the world.



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