Heres How You Can Turn Off the GPS on Your iPhone

Whether you’re using standalone GPS tracking device like Trackimo or the built-in GPS on your iPhone, disabling it if not in use will increase your phone’s battery life. It will also reduce the risk of hackers tracking your location information.

Here’s how to turn off GPS on your iPhone:

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GPS On Iphone

  1. On your iPhone’s home screen, find the Settings icon.
  2. Under Settings, tap on Privacy.
  3. Look for Location Services.
  4. Disable GPS by turning off location services.
  5. To fully turn off the GPS, tap on the Location Services button at the top to turn it off altogether or tap on the apps individually.

Some of your apps may cease functioning if you turn off your GPS, but it will still send you notifications in case there is an issue. If you’re not using your GPS, it’s recommended to turn it off to save on memory and battery.

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Amanda Thomas