Tracking Teen Driving

Teen drivers are prone to car crashes. Based on the records of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 290,000 teenagers were injured and more than 2,600 teenagers died in the United States in 2011 due to car accidents. That’s equivalent to seven teen deaths a day.

Although young drivers between ages 15 and 24 represent only 14 percent of the US population, they cost a whopping $26 billion in damages attributed to vehicle crashes. Fortunately, you can help reduce car-related deaths and prevent your teenager from being part of the statistics and by tracking teen driving using GPS trackers. This method can help improve your child’s safety on the road.

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Teen Driving

GPS devices allow you to set a virtual boundary around certain areas and get notified when your young driver crosses it. It also provides you location updates on where you child has been or is going. This tracking information will help you find them in case they get lost or get into an accident.

While you may see tracking teen driving with a GPS device as a way to ensure your child’s safety behind the wheel, your teenager might see it differently. They will probably think that you are going to use it to monitor their every move, which certainly won’t sit well with them. It may result in them feeling betrayed over the fact that you’re stalking them. If this happens, you can use the following tips for handling possible negative reaction from your teen.

Explaining to Your Teen the Purpose of Tracking Teen Driving

Highlight the Benefits

Present to them the advantages they can get from installing a monitoring device for teen drivers like not worrying that you’ll get mad if they’re not able to text or call you to inform their current location, for instance. You can also negotiate with them to allow you to use GPS for tracking teen driving in exchange for lifting the ban on social media access.

Avoid Speeding Tickets

All drivers are wary of speeding tickets, even the kids. You can say that tracking teen driving isn’t just about monitoring their location but also their driving speed so you can help them avoid being issued with speeding tickets. You can use this reasoning so your teenager will not feel like they are being put on one side.

Prevent Car Theft

You can also point out to them that GPS trackers can help prevent car theft because thieves usually steer clear of vehicles equipped with a tracking device. And if somehow, they are able to steal it, the device can help them get it back by providing updates on their car’s whereabouts.

Tell Them Straight

It would also help if you tell them the truth why you are tracking teen driving, your kid particularly, because you love them and that you just want them to be safe. Let them know that it’s the only way you can be at ease while waiting for them to come home as the device can help you find them in case an emergency situation arises, such as an accident or abduction.



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