Fight Poachers with Drones

The government of Tanzania has already released a legislation that supports the flying of drones in the state area where the Tarangire National Park is located. This unmanned aerial vehicle technology will be then used to fight and reduce the incident of poachers in the area.

The drones, which the Tanzanian government has ordered to be delivered into the Tarangire National Park, is expected to help them curb the excesses of poachers who pose a very high risk to the lives of animals and endangered species that have found refuge in the area. These poachers not only pose a major threat to animals, they also constitute nuisances in the sense that they would ultimately destroy one of the ventures that is worth multiple billions of dollars to the country – wildlife preservation.

Tanzanian Government Taking Strides for Wildlife Preservation with Drones

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Fight Poachers with Drones


Tarangire National Park

The Tarangire National Park is founded on a large expanse of land that has a reach of up to 2600 square kilometres and is situated towards the north of the country. The national park is widely popular for its large herd of elephants which can mostly be found moving together in clusters (and this can go on to mean about several hundreds of them) especially along the main river valley during the opening days of the wet season.

Tarangire National Park

Clinton Foundation

The six month deployment of these monitoring drones called Super Bat DA is supposed to help the Tanzanian government monitor poachers ad provide real-time information to them on what is happening at what is said to be their sixth largest national park.

This move was sanctioned after a trial session of a similar nature was carried out just last year. The location of this trial was Kenya, at the Mkomanzi National Park and the results that were obtained showed the vast possibilities of success that these drones could possess.

In a letter that was exchanged between the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, the latter was said to have put their support behind the use of the drone technology for this regard.

Unmanned aerial vehicle

Bathawk Recon

In a letter addressed to the TPSF and signed under the name and office of the permanent secretary of the ministry by Keraryo H.W last April, a section reads “I would like to inform you that the ministry has authorized the proof of concept to go ahead”.

Bathawk Recon, a start-up company based in Tanzania, is responsible for the launch of this idea. Their mission is to make sure that such programs would soon be followed all over the country, especially in those areas that are also really suffering from poachers.

According to experts, it is agreed that serial surveillance might just be the best way to beat the poachers at their game and achieve a meaningful decrease in the rate of poaching incidents.



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