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How Joining Summer Camps Can Help Your Child

During summer, kids are free from the pressure of school. Parents see joining summer camps as an opportunity for their kids to improve their talents and acquire new skills. The camp is viewed by children as a place where they …


9 Easy-to-Follow Tips for Summer Camp Packing

It’s officially summer, and soon, you will be sending your kids to summer camp to give them a chance to explore life without you hovering around. The least you can do is to help your child have a memorable summer …


10 Tips to Help Prepare Your Child for Summer Camp

Camp is a good and intense experience for children to advance their cognitive and social skills and spread their own wings. While at the camp, children will be given new routines different from what they do in school or at home and …


Five-Year-Old Kid from Summer Camp Found by Police

To whom would you ensure the safety of your children? Even the safest of environments cannot guarantee that they will look after kids as a parent would, as is the example of a single dad from Southern California. Upon reports …