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Delta Air Lines Offers GPS Service for Pets

One of the challenges that pet owners experience when air-traveling with their pet is having to stay in separate areas. The owner stays in the cabin while the pet is usually placed in the cargo section of the airplane. Cargo …


K9s Get Tested with New GPS Tracking Units

The GPS technology is a known excellent tracking tool. For years now, people have been using it for navigational and mapping purposes. But the recent development in GPS monitoring devices now allow users to do live data gathering and analysis. Such …


GPS Tracking for Dog Walkers

Since car tracking and children monitoring have been widely talked about, this time let’s discuss more about GPS tracking for dog walkers. If dog owners who are hands-on in taking care of their pets use the GPS device in fear of losing …


Find Pets Easier With The Help Of GPS Trackers

Tracking systems for pets now allow owners to keep tabs on their furry animal friends who have the tendency to go astray. One such dog is a lab-shepherd, known as Houdini, after the escape artist. This is apt, considering that despite …


Should I Get a GPS Tracking Device for My Pet?

Global positioning system or GPS is an accessible technology that has become essential for pet owners who want to locate their wandering furry friends any time of the day. Whether they are traveling together or being left at home, it is …