Stolen Bike with GPS Tracker

The number of bike users has grown so much in many cities and even the schools in the United States. In the University of Northern Colorado, for instance, students use bikes to travel around the campus. Not only is it fun, it’s also a healthy way to move around the school. But as biking becomes popular, so is bike theft. But to curb the rising cases of bike thefts in the campus, the University of Northern Colorado police launched their own version of bait bike campaign and equipped their bicycles with GPS tracker. This program proves to be effective as a stolen bike with GPS tracker is easier to recover.

To further prove this, here’s one bike theft incident that the police successfully put a close to, thanks to GPS tracking technology.

How Police Retrieved Stolen Bike with GPS Tracker

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Bike Theft


The police didn’t have to wait long. On October 14, a man named Adrian Moreno was arrested on suspicion of stealing a bike.

Based on the testimony, it was at about 2:45 in the morning when the 52-year-old Moreno made some moves to get the bike. The said stolen bike with GPS tracker was deliberately placed by the police on the bike rack.

Although there was no CCTV camera in that particular campus area where the thieving incident occurred, a man that matched with Moreno’s description was seen in the footage caught by other cameras installed around the vicinity. He was seen taking an item from his rucksack, then rigged the bike’s lock.

Recovering the Stolen Bike with GPS Tracker

The officers followed the suspect based on the data they got from the bicycle’s GPS device. The data showed that the bike was removed from the rack at 2:45 in the morning and traveled to 415 10th Street for about a mile and a half. The police waited at this address until around nine in the morning, when Moreno began moving again, riding on the bike that the police used as bait.

Moreno continued pedaling, but when he saw two more police cars join the chase, he abandoned the bike on the road and tried to run away on foot without success.

On Moreno’s backpack, the police found a knife, a sachet of meth, and a glass pipe. Moreno is now facing charges for illegal possession of weapon and drugs as well as theft.

To prevent bike theft, the police advised students to park their bikes in parking areas with bike parking service and take a copy of their bike’s serial number so that in case their bike is stolen, it can easily be counter-checked with the bikes recovered from suspects. And perhaps the most effective way to prevent bike theft or for an easy recovery of stolen bicycle is to equip the pedal-driven vehicle with GPS tracker, just like what the police did.



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