Cargo Theft Techniques

Thieves are now being innovative along with cargo transport methods.

According to FreightWatch International, a logistics security service provider, there was an increase of reported cases of truck cargo theft in the United States in the first quarter of 2016. There’s nothing new with this information except that the value of each theft decreased.

The report indicates that there is a 13 percent increase in the number of cargo theft incidents compared to the last quarter of the previous year. It also shows that the number is up by 8 percent against the previous year’s first quarter. The catch is the 13 percent ($112) drop in loss value of each theft against the previous quarter and 56 percent less from the year before that.

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Sophisticated Cargo Theft Techniques


Sophisticated Cargo Theft Techniques

Cargo theft is not exactly a new occurrence. In fact, pirates have been robbing ships and have been creating havoc in the industry since the beginning. As what the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has said, not all crimes are reported to the authorities, making it difficult to assess the exact losses. However, experts estimate that sophisticated cargo theft techniques are costing the industry as much as $30 billion a year.

Sophisticated cargo theft techniques include robbers targeting lower value and less protected cargoes to avoid the risk. To recoup their losses brought about by the stealing lower value items, they step up by increasing the number of items they walk off with. This is based on the report of FreightWatch International.

In addition to the abovementioned sophisticated cargo theft techniques, the criminals still continue their effort to rob drivers of their cargoes by doing the age-old trick like hijacking the trucks in the middle of the street in far off areas. Other sophisticated cargo theft techniques include the following:

  • Planting thieves for an inside job
  • Presenting falsified documents to distribution centers
  • Providing false drop off points to divert shipment routes

These advanced thieving methods can get companies in trouble if anti-theft security is not heightened. Since robbers are now going after less valuable cargoes, businesses should also provide high security to lower value items as they do with high-value shipments. The best way to do it is to implement GPS tracking system.

The benefits of GPS tracking include the following:

Prevent Loss Due to Theft

In the event, your company cargo vehicle is stolen, the GPS tracker can help you locate and recover the stolen vehicle by providing real-time location of the vehicle.

Monitor Vehicle Activity

For activities such as cargo vehicle driver veering away from its assigned route or the trailers being opened suspiciously, companies will receive an alert. Giving you a warning that your vehicle might be in an undesirable situation.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Low Cost

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Installing a GPS tracker on your cargo vehicles can help curtail the loss of assets; therefore, there’s a big possibility of insurance providers offering you a lower or discounted insurance premium.

Sensitive cargoes need better protection, and tight security goes beyond checking if it reaches its destination. If you need a more helpful tool in tracking cargo vehicles, you can use 3G tracking device. It comes with a waterproof box that can house the GPS tracker, giving you the assurance that it stays functional as long as you need it to. It also has a battery of 3000mAh battery life and has a software that can make the battery last up to six months.

The increasing number of incidents of thieves using sophisticated cargo theft techniques is a clear indication that it’s time for you to secure all your cargoes and not just a selected few. Aside from getting your shipment insured, it’s also best if you equip them with GPS tracking so you will be able to monitor your cargoes throughout its transport and avoid burglary.



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