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If you own a car rental company, then rental car GPS tracker is a must for you. Yes, car rental is a profitable business, considering that many tourists prefer renting a car than taking a cab while on a family vacation because it’s more convenient and cost-effective. But it’s also risky because you’re letting perfect strangers “borrow” your cars. The only way to safeguard your business assets is to use a rental car GPS tracker.

In the first article of this two-part series, we will be discussing some of the ways a rental car GPS tracker can help your car rental business avoid risk and be even more efficient.

Rental Car GPS Tracker Features

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Live GPS Mapping 

One of the car tracking system benefits is the 3G GPS live mapping. It allows rental companies to keep track of their fleet of rental cars. It provides them a means to know which of their cars are available, rented, or stolen. Whichever is the case, the good thing about rental car GPS tracker is that it can give the location details of the cars so you don’t have to rely on paperwork to be able to locate your cars.

Geo-Fence Capability

Some car rental operators limit the states or regions that their cars can travel to. But how would one know if the renter traveled outside the permitted area? Simple, the GPS tracker on the rental car will send an alert via e-mail or text message.

Rental cars are the lifeblood of a car rental company. The use of rental car GPS tracker is the most practical thing to do if you want to maximize the potential of your rental business and improve asset monitoring and inventory. Money spent on insurance payment and car maintenance will add up and will become more expensive in the long run. But with GPS tracking, you will gain savings particularly because of low insurance rate.

To learn more, read the second part of this series to find out what are the other benefits of using rental car GPS tracker for your rental company.



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