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  • Register Drones with FAA

    Unmanned aerial vehicles or drones have now been widely used for commercial and personal purposes. In 2015, the holiday season saw a total of 400,000 drones sold. Now on the heels of government policies that were deemed convenient for hobbyists, a ton of drone owners have been pouring in to register drones with FAA.

    Why Register Drones with FAA

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    Registered Drones

    Unmanned Vehicle University

    The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) promised to wave $5 registration fee for those who have registered last December, which then saw an increase in drone registration that month. The FAA implements strict rules when it comes to registering your aircraft, as users cannot fly their drones unless they register drones with FAA, or a fine will be issued.

    For your drone to be considered a hobby drone, it should weigh heavier than .55 lbs but no less than 55 lbs. The FAA also announced that when you register drones with FAA, the fee will be good for three years and will allow a user to register multiple drones at the same time.

    US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx has said that the FAA has been pleased with the public response so far, and the agency has announced a total of 300,000 drones registered. They are also working on a separate registration system for commercial drones and non-model UAV in the future, adding that they will have to make sure the process will be convenient as well.

    With this, drone owners are expected to take responsibility when it comes to the care and management of their drones to prevent any run-ins, not only with the general environment where they are flown, but with the government (and the laws that regularize drone use) as well.

    This is what Trackimo is for. This 3G GPS tracking device utilizes top-notch GPS technology that will help you monitor your drones and keep them within a safe perimeter at any given time.



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  • Get GPS Tracking for $5 per month

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