Reduce Fuel Cost

Taking up most of every fleet company’s expenses is fuel. It doesn’t help that fuel prices are fluctuating. If you don’t start to manage your fleet properly, your company’s finances will bleed. You need to reduce fuel cost.

But how does one reduce fuel cost? First, determine the cause of high fuel consumption. It could be the norm or your fleet needs to be checked or maybe your employees are not adopting good driving practices. But you don’t know that. Fortunately there’s a way to reduce fuel cost effectively, and it’s by using GPS-based fleet trackers.

How to Reduce Fuel Cost with GPS Tracking

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Reduce Fuel Cost

1 . Practice good driving habits

Bad driving habits such as overspeeding and sudden acceleration are not just dangerous, they also contribute to fleet’s high fuel consumption. GPS tracking can pinpoint who among your drivers have harmful employee driving behaviors. You can warn, replace, or train those drivers to improve driving performance.

2. Prevent idling

Another possible reason your vehicle’s fuel consumption is sky-high is because of too much idling. It could be because drivers want to maintain the engine temperature during cold days. But some drivers choose to leave their engine running because they have to go somewhere for a minute, without knowing that this particular driving habit is costing the company some money in fuel wastage for every second that the vehicle is idle. Prevent idle time like this by using GPS tracking.

3. Eliminate personal use

Another way GPS tracking can help reduce fuel cost is by monitoring the fleet’s whereabouts. Fleet trackers can provide you the means to find out whether your driver is using company vehicles for personal use, for example, an employee using the company truck for his side job.

4. Plan routes efficiently

When you don’t use efficient route planning for your fleet, your drivers tend to spend too much time on the road either by intentionally taking the long route or getting lost by using outdated navigation devices. Either way, that’s wasting of mileage.

If you follow these tips, it’s guaranteed you will be able to reduce fuel cost. There’s no need for manual monitoring, GPS trackers can do it for you. It can provide you the shortest routes to the fleet’s destination and sends alerts to let you know if your driver is running over speed limit, idling, using company vehicle without your permission or needing turn-by-turn directions to its destination. And lastly, the device records all these information for you to review at your convenient time.



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